Registration of Society Company/Firm/NGO/Crèche & Non Govern


Registration of Society Company/Firm/NGO/Crèche & Non Government Organization



  1. Registration of Societies:- Educational, cultural scientific & social welfare etc under SR Act 1860.
  2. Amendment in the memorandum, rules & regulation of the registered Society
  3. Receiving various correspondences mainly list of Governing Body filed on annual basis.

Registration:- The documents required as under:-

  1. Request letter to register a society under SR Act 1860.
  2. Two sets of memorandum of Association including List of Proposed governing body & list of Desire’s Persons (founder members of the society)
  3. Two sets of Rules & Regulations fraimed for the functioning of the society.
  4. Affidavits (on two rupees stamp paper from President/Secretary society regarding the name/ title of the society.
  5. Copy of residence proof of all desirous persons.
  6. Proof of ownership of the registered office of the society and no objection certificate (on two rupees stamp paper)

Name of the society

  • As per the society registration act 1860 similar & resemblance of name with existing registered society is not permitted.
  • The name of the society should also not attract the provisions of emblem act.

Certified Copy

  • For certified copy of MOA & RR for a registered. Application to this effect should contain the Name, Reg. No and must be signed by the General Secretary or the President of the society.

Annual Report of the Society

  • As per the section 4 of the society registration act 1860, it is mandatory for the society to file its annual report along with list of office bearers/ governing body members to the Registrar of Society.

Amendment in rule & regulation and memorandum of the Society registered under the act.

  • The registered society can make amendment in its rules & regulation as well as in memorandum of the society by submitting the application with the signature of the General Secretary or President. The amendment shall be approved by the Registrar of Society.

Procedure for amendment

  • The Governing Body should send a proposal to all the members of the
  • Society in writing or printed form in which the existing provisions proposed to be amended.
  • The society should give a10 days notice to the members for holding a special General Body Meeting.
  • The notice to all the members as per latest membership register should be sent by special messenger or by registered post.
  • The general body should pass the resolution by three fifth majorities of the members of the society and should be recorded.
  • In the subsequent general body meeting, the resolution of the previous meeting should be conveyed.

Documents required with application of the amendment.

  1. Minutes Book of the Governing Body/Managing Committee.
  2. Proof of service of agenda/notice to the members.
  3. Minutes Book of the General Body.
  4. Membership Register.
  5. The Proposal which has been adopted by the General Body Meeting.
  6. An affidavit to the effect by the Secretary and the Chairman of the society that the provision of the section 12 of the S.R.Act. 1860 have been compiled with in the letter and spirit.
  7. Comparative Statement of exiting provisions and amended provisions


Registration of Partnership Firm

Registration of Partnership firm under Indian Partnership Act, 1932

Documents required

  1. Form No 1 as prescribed
      specimen of affidavit.
  2. Attested Copy of the partnership deed one set
  3. Ownership prove of principal place of business

Amendment in the Registered Partnership Firm

The following forms as prescribed under I.P. Act. 1932 accepted for various amendments in original Form-A and Form-C.

  1. For change of principle place of business & change in the name of the firm.
  2. For change of the other then principle place of business.
  3. For change of name of the partners & permanent address of the partners.
  4. For change of constitution of forms & addition or retirement of partner.
  5. For dissolution of the firm
  6. For minor partner attains the age of majority.

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