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L.K.ADVANI WRITES IN HIS BLOG:- Prime Minister Smt. Gandhi in 1973 superseded three senior judges, Justice K.S. Hegde, Justice J.M. Shelat, and Justice A.N. Grover and appointed Justice A.N. Ray, junior to all these three, as Chief Justice of India.

It was this event that brought me in close touch with Justice K.S. Hegde, and his family, a relationship that has lasted all these decades, since then. But it is only recently while looking back at the dark days of the Emergency that I discovered that this supersession of judges had a lot to do with the election petition against Mrs. Gandhi, and particularly with Justice Hegde personally.


I have conveyed my deep gratitude to Shri Santosh Hegde for the immediate and warm response he made to my request to continue as Lokayukta of Karnataka, and not press his resignation. I am sure that the State government will take full care of his concerns.

L.K. Advani

New Delhi/ Djakarta

July 10, 2010

SOURCE:- http://blog.lkadvani.in/blog-in-english/justice-hegde-could-have-been-the-president







JUSTICE HEGEDE SAYS:-  ``I did receive calls from various quarters from all over the country and even from my well-wishers abroad. You know some of the names like Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, Union External Affairs Minister S M Krishna and many others. There was a spontaneous outpouring of feelings, protests and public demonstrations from various sections of the people not only in Bangalore but other parts of Karnataka as well. Leaders cutting across party lines met me or called me and requested me not to persist with my decision to resign. I was, however, firm in my resolve not to withdraw the resignation,” he said.     

JUSTICE HEGEDE SAYS:- ``I still vividly remember the advice that my father (Late Justice K S Hegde and former Lok Sabha Speaker) gave me. Don’t ever stay in a place where you are made to feel you are unwanted,” he says.



JUSTICE HEGEDE SAYS:- ``Advani is like a father, He was a close friend of my father and I equate him with my father. I cannot go against his wish. I have acceded to his request. There is no other political reason but my love and respect for Advani. There is a difference when somebody who is close to your heart says something. If Advani asks me, I cannot but accept it. I have decided to withdraw my resignation,” 


JUSTICE HEGEDE SAYS:- "Though my decision has fulfilled the demands and aspirations of the general public and almost all sections of my well-wishers or admirers,”  said Justice Hegde, ``I did make a mistake in giving sole credit to Advani, when I should have acknowledged the pressure mounted on me my the people and different other leaders. In fact, I was guilty of breach of protocol because I should have first informed the Governor and then made my decision public. I know it was a momentary lapse on my part and I have publicly expressed my sincere apologies to everybody. I met the Governor and have formally withdrawn my resignation.”




Character corruption is not institutionalized in India. It is a birthright. Santosh Hegde goes on to call Advani father figure, to take back the office of Lok Ayukta.

Fortunately or unfortunately Advani was alive to give him the beacon call. If not he wouldn’t have been back in the Office.

We Indians are racist n corrupt by birth. We follow Caste to the core. Refer the Sunday Matrimonials. Would like a fair, tall, slim girl from caste Lingayat, Gowda, Nadar, Reddy, Nair, Ezhava, Naidu etc.

We would like the color of the baby post birth to be whiter than the whitest people on earth.



N.Narasimhan Says:

Justice Hegde has devalued himself and the institution of Lok Ayukta by withdrawing his resignation, that too at the behest of L.K.Advani. Hegde will realise sooner than later, that the face saving formula he has swallowed hook and line, will vanish in thin air even before he says “Jack Robinson” It is too naive to say that the present Karnataka Govt., undoubtedly the most corrupt in the country at any time thus far, will help him in his crusade against corruption.

No other single individual has caused such immense damage to values of public life and democracy as Advani has. If you are looking for a living example of the adage “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, look at Advani’s infinite capacity to mess up, brutally mess up at that, anything and every thing that he has touched..

The late K.S. Hegde having had good rapport and friendship with L.K. Advani, is no reason for the son to cling to that as the last straw to justify withdrawing his own resignation that too a principled decision. Or was it?

I remember the ecstacy and un briddled joy with which Advani, Uma Bharati and Sadhvi Rithambaara, danced as the Babri Masjid was in its final stages of demolition. India has to only request to screen again and again, the BBC clip of that footage, aired by that channel, even as the ugly event was unfolding.

Let us not forget, additionally, that it was Advani’s crude uniamginative, unstatesmanlike handling of the Kashmir issue when he was India’s Home Minister and later Dy. P.M., that made Kashmir the perpetually burning couldron of India.

I would like to tell Justice Hegde.frankly : “you have let Karnataka and the country down, by buckling down on an issue that affects the very life and well being of the nation.”






Justice N Sathosh Hegde – ” Advani is like my father figure!! – Advani nanna appa na reethi “- Sir you let us down!! We did not expect this from you.

Reddy Brothers – Sushma Swaraj is our Amma!!

B S Yeddyurappa – Karunanidhi is my Anna !!

Ananthkumar – Yeddyurappa is my anna !!

God save us ordinary Kannadigas from these people. It now looks like a big drama company!!




AHINDA demands Santosh Hegde's resignation

Staff Correspondent



‘Lokayukta has lowered the image of judiciary'

MANGALORE: Charging Lokayukta N. Santosh Hegde with “lowering the image of the judiciary”, the district unit of AHINDA, a federation of Dalits, backward classes and minorities, has demanded that he should quit the office.

Mr. Hegde who submitted his resignation to the Governor on June 23 agreed to withdraw it at the behest of veteran BJP leader L.K Advani on July 3. Taking exception to this, AHINDA leaders said that it was not becoming of a judge to come under the influence of a politician.

They told presspersons here on Tuesday that Mr. Hegde had “insulted” lakhs of people in the State who had taken to the streets urging him to withdraw his resignation.

“But all it took for him to change his mind was a telephone call from a politician. He evidently values politicians above the people,” said AHINDA leader Lolaksha.

Mr. Lolaksha also criticised a section of the media for projecting Mr. Hegde as a hero.

In an open letter to Mr. Hegde, AHINDA has told him that he would not be able to continue as the Lokayukta as his stated political position “compromised” the sanctity of the institution.

“You have proved to be incapable of withstanding political and personal pressure. Your continuing in the post will only lower the prestige of the judiciary,” the letter said.

He said that AHINDA was in talks with other like-minded organisations on the issue.

“We are considering options for a democratic dissent against the Lokayukta. We may have a public debate or a series of demonstrations in the coming days,” Mr. Lolaksha said.



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Professor of Law

Great write up! Congrats



Dear Sridharbabu,

Your apprehensions are not apprehensions But it is a relaity.  Thi nexus between judiciary and political party's  is the real problem in whihc all are one. Only one thing left the ordinary citizens of india. We pray for them.



yes relation is there.

not always a fair relation.


Hang them or hang our head in shame?

The CBI had on July 3 filed the charge sheet in the infamous Provident Fund scam of Ghaziabad courts against 78 people including three former judges of Allahabad High Court and three district judges.

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right anil sir .thanks.




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