Property paper needed

My grand mother got a property from her Mother and its on her name..I parents never transfered it to their name. My parents are old and I live away from home..

How can i get the proper documentation of the property ? 

What all document should I have for the property ?

Is there any RTI act through which I can ask information about my property by post ?




Your grand mother and your parents through arelinquiashment deed transfer the property in your name. If you've Survey number etc of the property you write to the Patwari OF VILLAGE UNDER  RTI TO KNOW THE DETAILS and status of the land.If your grAND MOTHER IS NOT ALIVE HER LEGAL HEIRS WITH A DEATHG CERTIFICATE EXECUTE  A REGISTERED GIFT DEED IN YOUR FAVOUR AND APPLY FOR MUTation  before the revenue authorities of the village or District..


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This is not so simple, contact advocate and get a Gift deed from the legal heirs of your grand mother, with all link documents, death certificates etc.,  Get the property mutated as immediately as possible and all this only if you are still in possession of the property and atleast have some evidence of tax payment etc.

TO my knowledge RTI is not involved in this specific issue.


It is believed that you are all Hindu.




The property from mother’s side is not ancestral.

The 1st right on Hindu woman’s self acquired property is of; Husband, sons, daughters………….. 


Your Grandmother could be sole owner if and only if:


- Your Grandmother’s mother disposed her self acquired estate in her life by a valid/registered deed say; WILL/Gift/sale etc in her daughter’s favor. If it was WILL: then WILL should have been acted upon without any cloud on it.  


--all other legal heirs of Your Grandmother relinquished/released/gifted/sold their share in favor of Your Grandmother.


Likewise it happens for the property to devolve from your Grandmother to her legal heir.


Obtain certified copies of mutation record with link docs.


The local revenue official e.g; Patwaari can help you.


Once all docs are in your hands you will know how many legal heirs are involved and all are coperative or not.

Mr. G.L.N.Prasad has alredy hinted you on it.

Agreed with Mr. G.L.N.Prasad. 




In case you are facing some issues entrust the matter to a very able senior local counsel of unshakable repute and integrity specializing in revenue matters.




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