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I am having some serious issues with my family..I am residing in my flat with my parents and my wife and kid..The flat which i bought on 2010 costs around 16lakh..10 lakh i had a loan and the remaining given by father..Flat was registered at my name..Later with time i refunded the money given by my father..Now after my marriage situation got worse..My parents along with my wicked sister and brother-in-law started torturing my wife and me too mentally..Giving several threats and which can't b xpressed in words.. I am getting mentally ill and deciding to leave my owned flat..The flat is in my name ..But i have no evidence that i refunded my father's money..Now they r threating me that they wud take legal step that i hav forcefully taken their home to my name..Can i sell my flat in this case..Secondaly if i leave my flat and allow my parents to stay what step i can take not to allow my elder sister and her family to reside in my flat bcaz they r planning to  forcefully threw me and my family and reside rest of their life in my own flat..They will b getting sympathycal help from society & law as my parents r in their favor..Please help as i hav been drained in mitigating my loan..will at any means i may loose the possession of my flat??plz help


1) you are in possession

2) the flat is in your name.

3) loan is taken by you

4) benami act is also applicable

5) your parents and other family members are staying at your mercy in the house.

Result: you dont need to worry about the ownership. No one will be able to take your flat from you unless you let them. Do not give up possession at any cost. remember this. If they pass threats lodge police complaint. send notice to your sister and brother in law to vacate. SHe is not your responsibility. Though morally and legally you need to maintain your parents but i am sure once your sister and brother in law are out of the house they will not be able to influence your parents's judgement decision making.


Rit Arora


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thanks sir ...thank  very much...God bless u...I am relieved..But i want a legal step so that my sister & her family will never stay nless i give there any provision??


Dear sir, My name is Swarup Dutta from West Bengal. I have some serious land problem that could not be solved last 15 years. We are living our own land last 34 years. But till now the property is not divided among my father and his two brother. Total property 10 katha. Two of them is well settled to another city. Now the problems are 1. We offered them money to give us land , they refused. 2. We said them dividation of land as per our way , they refused. Now when we try to do building , they had came and threatened us. Can they do injunction on that land? Or if I go to court , can we get help from court to divide our land as per our way, ??because we are living there around 30 years. I have not much money to take another land. Please assist how can I save our land .



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