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My uncle who had high valued self earned properties died in 1998. he has 4 sons and a daughter. the uncle wife who died earlier gave a white paper will to uncle for her properties. after uncle's death the daughter claimed her share. The son's produced a white paper will of uncle stating that uncle has given authority to elder son to divide & give properties to son, accordingly they distributed. in the will it was mentioned as he has spent money on daughter marriage and gave money by hand, no need to give any share. The daughter filed a case stating that the son's forced her father who is staying alone to sign blank white papers when he was on death bed , otherwise refused to tale him to hospital.she said later they typed matter as per wish and distributed. The property worth 20 crores now.Daughter is living in poverty, lost her case in lower court. she is saying they bribed the judge. How she can take next course of action. we knew her father wanted to give some portion of the one of the house in prime location to her,as uncle told us verbally

even she is not in a position to fight in higher courts.Out of the 4 sons, the intelligent elder 3 brothers got prime properties and gave useless property to 4th son who is less educated and got signature of 4th son on blank papers, stamp papers. as 4th son signed papers he is keeping quiet,what ever got ,kept it.

in this situation what best the daughter can do to get some share of the property.

Sometimes life is not fair and crooked siblings can deprive a sibling of her share. BUT, without a court fight and without PROOF of manipulation and fraud...the sister has no chance to get the share in the property. Sorry..this is how law works.

Proving manipulation and fraud in courts is NOT easy and requires strong will and money.




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