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Hi Team,

I have a invented one of the fuel less generator which supplies 10 kv energy without any fuel, i wanted to get register this invention on my name before anyone claims on my research.

Can you plesae let me know the procedure for getting it registered as per the patent act

I would be happy to receive the reply on email or on phone call my number is 09663640957



1. This is furter to my phone call on 14-05-13 morning. Pl approach any below mentioned patent office-

Head of the Office 


Intellectual Property Office
Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, Antop Hill,
S. M. Road, MumbaiI - 400 037.
Phone: 24101144, 24148165

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs

Phone:  022-24153651 , Fax: 022-24130387


Intellectual Property Office
Intellectual Property Office Building,

Plot No. 32, Sector 14, Dwarka,
New Delhi-110075
Phone:  011-28034304-05

Dr. K. S. Kardam

Joint Controller of Patents & Designs

Phone:  011-28034317 , Fax:011-28034315


Intellectual Property Office

Intellectual Property Office Building,

G.S.T. Road, Guindy, Chennai-600032
Phone:  044-22502081-84

Shri. G.P. Roy
Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs

Phone:  044-22502080 , Fax: 044-2502066


Intellectual Property Office

Intellectual Property Office Building,

CP-2  Sector V, Salt Lake City,

Phone:   033-23679101 

Shri D. K. Rahut

Joinit Controller of Patents & Designs

Phone:  033-23671987 , Fax: 033-23671988


2.   Fill there the form 1 and pay the requisite fee.

3.   Please arrange the following documents ready with your application.

4.  Approach with all requisite details to a lawyer at that place to get the patent.

5. In case any further need may call me at 9824557732 or email


Best of luck.




do the following


File form nos 

1 - Application form

2- provisional or complete specification (Fees Rs 1000/- + 100/- (For pages above 30) + 200/- (For claims above 10)

3- statement of undertaking

5 - Declaration of inventorship

26 - Patent agent

The above fees are for individuals , for corporates it will be 4000+400+800

I do not know where you live but it is clear that you can file only in an office under which comes your juristrication.

call on 9427049858 for further clarifications


There are some inventions which are not patentable such as ones which are contrary to well established natural laws.creating energy without any input is one such thingPl check whether your invention falls under this category before filingThe patent office rejects these type of cases

T R Subramanian


Wether  the invention can be called an invention u/s 2(1)(j), 2(1)(ja) and it does not fall within the scope of  u/s 3 would be best be understood by an patent agent. further it should be new & useful, not-obvious, and capable of industrial application


According to law of conservation of energy " energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only convert from one form to another ". It should be kept in mind here that this is LAW of physics not a THEORY so it can't be violated under any circumstances. So your invention is not feasible. Let us suppose you might have even created it without fuel but then again you will have to cut through magnetic flux by one or the other method to generate electricity. this will fall into anticipation by prior art (presuming patent for dynamo being already granted)

The invention should not fall within the Section 3, If it does then it is not patentable. You can first file a provisional application thus disclose his invention and then within a year you can file the complete specification.But it is my advise that you should contact a patent agent and discuss your invention and he can best give you advise and how to write the claims so that your application is not rejected.




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