Police use of vehicle outside registered stage

Hi learned experts,

I wish to know the laws regarding use of police vehicle outside the registered state. 

I am asking because I was driving alone yesterday in Nashik highway when I was stopped by a alleged "police" in a  vehicle registration number starting from "GJ" and 2 men (not in uniform) were asking to show my drivers licence, registration etc. 

Their vehicle was a Maruti Suzuki make. Their vehicle had no police lights or sticker, but had one "POLICE" board in the front side, near the steering wheel. 


When I asked them to show their ID, they started misbehaving in voice, and said stuff like they will book me etc. It was during the day so I managed to raise my voice to attract other passers by and in 10 minutes they asked me to just leave.  

Is it legal to operate in such a way? 


What are the country's laws that allow GJ police vehicle to be used in MH? 

Should they have special permit? Should the police vehicle have any sticker? Or NOC etc?






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