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I , reside at Badlapur, East, I am been harashed by my wife from last few years, when I tried to get seperate from her she took support of Mahila Nivaran Kendra, Badlapur and they totally supported her. We are married for last 05 years and have baby of 03 years . we got seperated from my family in 2011 before that I was working for MNC company and earning good salary. Each and everything was managed but after my son was born my wife was not ready to come back at my place and forced to leave together with me by taking room on rent, which already her parents provided her. For son I make my family understand I we started to live together sepeartely. The rented room was nearby her home so her family use to come daily. after few months I suggested her to leave her job and stay with baby but she disagree and was taking care too of baby. When I use to go office I was not able to focus on work, so in september 2011 I resigned and started to give time for my baby. She joined back office and my son was with me, I have done everything which was important for him. Later she started to ask monthly expenses from me I calmly told her that if I am not earning from where will I pay you?, You are working so for few time you look after our family, as my son is been of 3 will join back. she disagree and for that i started borrowing from friends and paid her, my grocery was paid by me and sons milk and other expenses too. I don't feel bad for that, but slowly slowly I was been treated like a dog and each and everything from food to utensils I use to take care off. She use to give 30 rupees for my expenses on each monday and when asked on thursday for some amount she says, that I gave you thirty on monday na. My family was not been allowed to come and see my child, she use to fight if they came to see him. So my family said that whenever we came to see him you wife use to fight so we will not come. I use to take my child to mom's place, but when she got to know this same thing happens. when she abuse my mom dad in front of me I hitted her on hand she return hitted 2-3 times. Her family use to frighten me. I was working before 2011 and have total 8-9 years of back office experience, my family before her in my life was also looked after me, I have never taken loans before my marriage, and now I am fully loaded with loans, when I asked on day for help from her financially and asked for her mangalsutra, she didn't gave me I asked her and also promised to give back soon, she said whatever happens i wont give. so I gathered some money from friends some from my dad and paid of my some loans. One day her one side of mangalsutra which her mom got for her was misplaced from her i was not in town still she and her family blamed me and said many things I told them better go to police they did not listen. That day I came back to my mom's place leaving my wife and son behind, from that day she never called me up. I started a data entry firm with 5 partners and was going quiet good she heard about and called me for some money if anger I paid her some 6500/- and for some 200/- then she came at my mom's place to live. after so long. she came on 03 Jan 2014 and on 28th she went to police station Mahila Aayog and complaint against me as mentally harrased, and husband having affairs, I asked them to verify everything where I lived and ask my neighbours about me and my character, but they never supported my friends and family who never have been to police station was abused and heard many things which they suffer due to me. then on 28th last month I gave in written that i will take care of her and my son as I was helpless, but she will not go again and again at her mom's place. Her lawyer said will take care. But after 28th she hardly stayed 14 days at my place when I informed her lawyers she said when you will come on 29th will see. But on 28th nothing happened when I said about this they said so what, she use to take my son with her, they said he is 03 now so he will be will her only. I said its fine and signed that i am withdrawing. Now she is with me but much arrogant and forcing me in many states, my mom dad which are at 60s are afraid because girls and womens have rights and many things to do against men. I just request you I just don't want to keep her with me, I require my son I will take care of him in every possible thing. Please help me out!!! I would have died but I want see my son growing high. I want divorce from her but she says i will not give in any case, what to do?? She is now always warning me about police...please suggest me out

I suggest you to do job and be financial strong the problem with you is living jobless , you will loose respect if you will not earn , all your problem arise of this only .


From your statement of facts it appears that you did not dicharge your duties as a true husband and true father that has created the present maladies. Try to earn sufficient money for your family, then everything will be O.K.soon.

As suggested by others, it is better you equip yourself with an employment so that most of the problems will remain vanished, please do not post very lengthy query, be brief in what you want to say.




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