Please advice to punish greedy inlaws for false facts

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Dear Members,

Please advice me to teach lesson to my greedy inlaws.
Fact is that inlaws not ready to send back wife. We did all councelling with them and wife but nothing resolved.
they are asking 15 lakhs for divorce else threating for 498a, 497,323 etc.

Now they filed 498a,497,420,323 through court. They have written that in case, they have spened 10 lakhs cash and 5 lakhs jewellary. But In reality they have spened 3 lakhs only, we have common mediaters as witness for those 3 lakhs. ButThey threatened wittness to for false cases if they come in court.

Please advice , how to involve income tax raid to check their income in court because I know they are not giving tax and they showed them self very poor at the time of marriage and we did marriage with 3 lakhs and rest our family speneded to make that marriage royal.


You can do it through Tax evasion petition. A format of TEP is given in the following weblink.


However, Rs.15.00 is not such a big amount where people now a days cannot explain the source. If 10 relatives have given Rs.1.50 lacs each as hand loan, the IT department would not waste time to explore from where Rs.1.50 lacs came from in case of those 10 individuals because Rs.1.50 lacs is peanuts now a days.



Chandrashekharji, can a wife of very rich businessman  who is granted very less maintenance can take help of this tax evasion?


U Kiddn !!!


Yes, Raneeji.  If the rich husband does not disclose his real income, it can be done.  Refer to Radhika Narang's case delivered by the hon'ble High Court of Delhi, where husband tried to hide his income and the court came out scathingly against such practices.


thankyou Chanduji.

Software Engineer

Thanks for the reply sir,

Please advice after filling this template should it be enough to send to the RTI office.
Or Do i need to spend some money for their quick actions in this regards. Girls parents are from kanpur and we belongs from Kanpur too, so which address i need to send this letter.

Also please advice if I need to appraoch in court for this action or only sending letter to RTI is enough\?I mean to know the whole procedure if any body can guide in this?

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has the girl's father given in a sworn affidavit in court that he spent 15Lacs? if not how are you going to file TEP as it wont be strong grounds. Just because someone said something verbally it wont have much effect.. They need to file this as part of their case in court - only then this will be effective




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