I recently joined in a retailer company.Here company not paying PF and ESI?What would be risk will face by the company? And company can make own policy for PF and ESI( eg. If any person joins in the month of january then company will pay from the April not from the joining date.So like that policy can be enforcable.


Please explain me


Hope you shall take it positively.

IT seems to be another employee that does not know what the matter at his hands is, and which forum to approach!

Have you been/are member of employee's/trade unions?




ESIC: Wage ceiling hikes over 20 years

—From Rs3,000 to Rs6,500: effective 1 January 1997.

—From Rs6,500 to Rs7,500: effective 1 April 2004.

—From Rs7,500 to Rs10,000: effective 1 October 2006.

—From Rs10,000 to Rs15,000: Effective 1 May 2010.

—From Rs15,000 to Rs21,000: Effective 1 September 2016.



ESI; Under Section 2(12) the Act is applicable to non-seasonal factories employing 10 or more persons.

PF; Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 is applicable to:


Every establishment which is engaged in any one or more of the industries specified in Schedule I of the Act or any activity notified by Central Government in the Official Gazette.

Employing 20 or more persons .


Has the employer issued you offer/appointment letter, ID Card.......?

Relate the break up of  your monthly salalry with provisions of wage celing in PF,ESIC.


Has your employer deducted PF from your salary and supplied Salary slip showing deduction?

Write to employer under proper coverage to provide PF (mention your previous PF number), ESIC coverage.

The designated person is under obligation to reply to you with reason for delay if any.

Keep all salary slips an communication with POD,carefully.


Employer was not dedcuting PF amount because of he wants to contribtor 13.61% to PF for that he was not willing to pay amount.However PF act will be applicable to My company.

Dy Director

The responses of Mr Kumar Doad do nto seem to be near the point raised by queriest. He hs simpy narrated that the company is having a policy to violace the provisions of law.


The purpose and post of Mr. Sudhar Kumar does not seem to be near the essence and spirit of query raised by querist and responses to querist.

To help the querist links to enactments and rpovisions have been provided.


After the surrounding provisions of applicable enactments are posted the querist has posted unclear response on some 13.61%, and IT is still not clear what is IT and who want this %; querist or employer and why……and why from said future month only and not upon joining.


Dear Mr. Sudhar Kumar,

The proper title is Mr. Kumar Doab and not Mr. Kumar Doad!




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