On what grounds


I would like to know on what grounds i can apply for divorce, faster way of divorce.

1. We got married on 6th july 2016, in total she has stayed with me and my family for 1 year. but we used to meet on social places, i had gone to dubai for 9 months that time we did not meet.

2. She used to drink regularly, she has hit my mom aged 52, my mom has the fir copy but did not do case on her.

3. Even after she would meet other men drink and stay with them overnight, after few months came to know she is in to prostitusion, have show her chat records to police, but they were not able to help. 

4. few months back we had a fight, few of our friends where there, she tried to hit me with a bottel as we were drunk, i hit here, a case was made on me 324, i got bail.


Divorce is not an instant noodles which can be demanded and served on the blink of an eye. If you file divorce, then she will bombard you with 125 and DV act. 2) Your mother has filed a FIR, but she did not file a case against your wife, but how can it be possible? Please talk to your wife and convince her for mutual divorce with give and take to get rid of her.

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file divorce petition on cruelty and character bases if u have evidence....9816374011
Lawyer in Hyderabad.Email:ramachary64@gmail.com

Good suggestion by Mr. Om Prakash 


but i spoked with her and her family, her sister and anuts are talking on behalf of her and asking 10lakhs as aliminiy for divorce, on what grounds i don't know. her sister was divorced and she did not get any aliminiy.

i can get proof that she was not staying with me for more than 6 months. i can get a letter from society. bcoz they have also done complaint about her in police station.


it is well said that. wife shud not only be beautiful but she shud also be duty full. if u have sufficient and reasonable proofs on face of cruelty by her to u n Ur mother , u can file petition before family court for divorce on ground on cruelty. as above mentioned it is correct that she may bombard u with 125 and DV act. but Ur proofs will suffice to obtain divorce. n mentioning prostitute, staying overnight, tried to hit u all these u shud b carefull while alleging coz burden of proofs lies on u



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