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Dear Sir,

I am working as a senior engineer in a private company earning 4.4 lakhs yearly and my father owns a grosarry shop earning aprox 75,000 per annum, my younger brother pursuing his master degree and applying for central govt job, for which he requires OBC non creamy layer certification. since the non creamy layer elegibility income limit is 4.5 lakhs. will he able to get the OBC non creamy layer certification. pls reply as early as possible. if so how he can be considered in non creamy layer catageory?


You have not stated whether you are married and leading a separate family.If it is a joint family,you cannot get it since you have exeeded the income limit of 4.5 lakhs.


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Candidate‟s creamy layer status is always determined by parent‟s (father, mother) status and never by status of self, husband, spouse or brother/sister.
(1) For whole life of a candidate, creamy layer status is determined by parent‟s (father, mother) status and never by status of self, husband, spouse or brother/ sister.
Status or income of a “candidate” availing or applying for OBC reservation is never counted for creamy layer purpose.
(2) Out of the six rules, each rule of creamy layer criteria dated 08.09.1993 issued by Ministry of Personnel Govt of India New Delhi starts from: -
“SONS & DAUGHTERS OF SO & SO...will be treated as creamy layer”.
Means candidate‟s creamy layer status is always determined by parent‟s (father, mother) status.
(3) Para No. 08 of creamy clarifications dated 14.10.2004 issued by Ministry of Personnel Govt of India New Delhi clearly speaks that: -
8. “Creamy layer status of a candidate is determined on the basis of the status of his parents and not on the basis of his own status or income or on the basis of status or income or on the basis or status or income of his/her spouse. Therefore, while determining the creamy layer status of a person the status or the income of the candidate himself or of his/her spouse shall not be taken into account.”
(4) The Explanation (b) of Rule II A of creamy layer criteria dated 08.09.1993 issued by Ministry of Personnel Govt of India New Delhi clearly speaks that: -
Provided that the rule of exclusion shall not apply in the following cases:-
(b) A lady belonging to OBC category has got married to a Class I officer, and may herself like to apply for job.
(5) OBC candidate has to submit the details (status/income) of “father” and “mother” only and not of the “self” in “Application form prescribed to get OBC certificate”.
Kindly see the correct „application form‟ prescribed by Ministry of Personnel Govt of India New Delhi vide Govt order dated 15.11.1993, available at www.obcguru.com.
(7) This reservation facility is actually based on that “what status a father-mother has given to a child”.
(8) If you are selected for, the post of IPS trough UPSC civil services examination and want to apply again to become an IAS, even though you are eligible for OBC reservation on the basis of parent‟s (father, mother) status.

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Dear sir,

i have attached a government document                                                                                                                                                           1) in that it is mentioned that , income from salary or agriculture shall not be included. if that is the case, as a private employee my salary would not be considered na?

2) in income limit consideration it is mentioned the 4.5 lakhs salary for three consecutive years would fall in the creamy layer. since i was working from 7.7.2010 its is 1.5 years completed, so will my salary will be taken in account.

3) i am unmarried



Attached File : 137660 212837 56 4 50 lakhs creamy layer revision 14 10 2008 english .pdf downloaded 916 times


I belong to OBC category.

My business income is about Rs. 3.5 lacs and my wife's income is about Rs. 3.6 lacs. but both of us have salary income of Rs. 2 lacs & Rs. 1.80 lacs in it. 

Are we eligible for OBC non creamy layer ? 

As per the the explanation' salary and agricultural income is not to be clubbed', i feel I am eligible.

Please clarify and what should i do to claim my eligibility ?





sir, i am a 12th standard obc student. My family gross income is 4lakh 18thousand and 3lac 50thousand net iincome for year 2009-10. 2010-11 return is not filed. will i get d benefit of obc for the admission process??


Hello All,

Request your guidance and advise - I am 32 years - married male candidate belonging to OBC category.

I wish to appear for UPSC examination, I am currently working in Private organization with CTC 7.4 LPA , ( the latest Notification for Non Creamy Layer increases the Upper limit to Rs.8 LPA) . My wife is a housewife and I am blessed with a son - who is 2.5 years old now.

Please let me know whether after selection - UPSC DoPT Department will consider my income/salary (Form 16) for deciding the Non creamy layer benefit (since I am married and lead a family of my own) or they will still need my parents salary certificates.




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