Not cooperating other party to withdraw money from joint a/c

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Hi All, I have deposited Rs.7, 50, 000.00 in Joint account through check and some purpose. Joint account holders are my uncle and other party. Purpose of joint account not fulfilled and its going against to me. Other party is not cooperating to withdraw money from joint account. Purpose we have written on Rs.20 bond paper but we signed backside of bond paper now it became a invalid due to written of backside.

1.Is it possible to me to collect money from joint account ? if so please advise.

2. Can I file sec.420 and civil suit to recover from other money ? Please advise.

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 Any individual who is a member of the joint account can withdraw from the account and deposit to it

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Hi, Thanks for quick response.But in the passbook, operations mentioned ' Jointly'. because of that other party is not co operating to withdraw money. Please advise how to proceed with this...Thanks to all


If the nomanclature is 'Jointly' there is an obligation  for the banker to get the signature of both for withdrawing..Legal action may prolong .

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as both parties are not cooperating...things will be in cold storage!


Hi All, Please advise me on above query. Can I take any leagal action on other party ? if so...Please advise. Thanks for ur time....


What is the purpose that you have lent the money? what was the cheating act done by the other party?  What is the proof you have that you have given this money to both of them?, you have to issue legal notice to both of them in case your money isnot being returned, consult local lawyer and proceed.

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Agree with Mr. Ramachary  and  Mr. Isaac by nature of a joint account.


Hi Sir, Thanks..

Purpose :  After withdrawing all cases and Divorce, these money has to give to other party

Money : Money Issued through check from SBI to Joint account

Cheating : Other party not withdrawing and going against to the agreement. 

Proofs : Check and Rs. 20 agreement, but we have signed backside of bond paper , now it became invalid. now I have only Check is only Proof.

Bank : I checked in Bank but they told both has to sign to withdraw money.

Can I file Criminal case on other party and issue legal notice. Please advise..Thanks to all...


Hi All,Please advise on above query ...Thanks for ur time and quick response......




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