Non-coperation scretory and chaireman

I am member of the society since from the formation.

After formation the society gave the bills regulerly.

But from last 6 - 7 years they stopped giving the bills. we are paying the maintainance regulerly but no receipt.

Out of 3, one (post-tresurer) person left the society the post is still empty.

Now the chairmen and the scretory is carryng out the works without taking the meetings or asking the members.

Other memebrs dont bother about it and who ever is there they dont mind (allwing there illigal doings).

They I think missusing the funds and not maintaning the building apart from the paying the common light bills.

When asked for the audit reports, they are not providing it.

what should I do?


You may approach the Registrar of Co-Op Housing Societies of your Area/State.


Please let us know in which State and in which city your Society is.


its in pune maharashtra

How many members are there in your Society?  In Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Societies (CHS) should have byelaws based on the Model Byelaws published by the Department of Co-operation. You can demand the Society to give you a copy of the byelaws on payment of cost. If the CHS's do not follow the byelaws it is very difficult to make them come round. In Maharashtra the CHS are organised on the lines of the Municipal Wards. There will be an Assistant Registrar/Deputy Registrar for each ward. You can go to the Registrar's office and complain to the Assistant Registrar/Deputy Registrar. Take with you a written complaint when you go to him. At first talk to him and then give in his office your written complaint and get an acknowledgement. Normally the Registrar would send your complaint to the Society and ask them to reply. You will have to doggedly follow it up. If necessary the Registrar will call the office bearers to his office to answer the compalint. If the MC does not perform its duties, the Registrar has the power to dismiss the MC and order fresh elections. You follow the above procedure and if it does not yield the desired results, report here again.

In most CHS's members are lethargic and do not come forward to make complaints or to stand as candidates. If the situation is really as you are saying you will have to force an election. In the ensuing election stand as a candidate for the election. If you get elected, run the CHS as you want it to be run.



I am facing, not exactly the same problem, but somewhat on the same lines as Mr. Mohan Sharma.... I have also started a thread about it, but have failed from recieve any response, advice or suggestion (Perhaps due my post being lengthy).... I would much appreciate it, if one of the advisors on this thread would take time to go through my query, and advice...

Request you to visit my thread on




Mr. Arthur Dent:  Your message is very long. You have given your message in the wrong message.. Please select the correct message. Give your State and city. Laws chage with city and State.


Hello Dr. Ramani,

Thank you for replying ... Yes, I agree that my post is rather long ... However, I thought that if I describe the issue in detail, it would receive better suggestions/advice.. 

This regarding my C.H.S in Mumbai, Maharashtra ...




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