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I am working in a private company and my passpert has expired. Now i want it to be reissue. I found a section in the passport form that says

1. "Are any criminal proceddings pending against you before a court in india? if so give name of the name of the court, case number and relevent section of the law.

My answer is yes the sections are 498A and 304B.

2. If the asnwer of the first question is yes then Plesae furnish the NOC from the competent court for grant of passport.

I am the brother in law, not the husband of the person who died. Just would like to mention that i surrenderd in session court and got the same day bail order from the high court allahabad. I am on bail.

My career growth is stucked due to this i allready missed
out 3 opportunities to go abroad just because of this case.

Plesae let me know how can i proceed step by step. Plesae help.....


please approach the court and ask for the permission. the court will grant NOC and u will perhaps be issurued with the4 1 year valid passport.

check passport act for details----


(2) of Section 6 of the said Act, subject to the following conditions, namely:-

(a) the passport to be issued to every such citizen shall be issued ?

(i) for the period specified in order of the court referred to above, if the court specified a period for which the passport has to be issued; or

(ii) if no period either for the issue of the passport or for the travel abroad is specified in such order, the passport shall be issued for a period one year;

(iii) if such order gives permission to travel abroad for a period of less than one year, but does not specify the period validity of the passport, the passport shall be issued for one year; or

(iv) if such order gives permission to travel abroad for a period exceeding one year, and does not specify the validity of the passport, then the passport shall be issued for the period of travel abroad specified in the order.

(b) any passport issued in terms of (a) (ii) and (a) (iii) above can be further renewed for one year at a time, provided the applicant has not travelled abroad for the period sanctioned by the court; and provided further that, in the the meantime, the order of the court is not cancelled or modified;

(c) any passport issued in terms of (a) (i) above can be further renewed only on the basis of a fresh court order specifying a further period of validity of the passport or specifying a period for travel abroad;

(d) the said citizen shall given an undertaking in writing to the passport-issuing authority that he shall, if required by the court concerned, appear before it at any time during the continuance in force of the passport so issued


dont miss the opportunity approch the court.


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get a NOC from the court under whose jurisdiction cases are.




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Can anyone guide under which section NOC from court can be taken?


You can file a simple application in court along with the affidavit for issuing you a NOC.




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