Newly married need divorce


Everyone I got married 1 and half month back, I want the divorce with him.

The reason is I cannot live with him, after getting married from 4th day onwards he started  talking with other girls in front of me, daily he takes drink and I came to know that he  is not doing a job also before marriage he told us he is working for MNC company and I dont know about properties what he have. Till now IU didnot told this to my parents, but yesterday I told about him to mother-in-law she scolded him later he warned me that from today onwards I will show you how the hell will be (ee roju nunchi neeku narakam ante ento chupistha ani annadu athanitho undaalante bhayamesthundi) please ignore if any gramatical mistakes.

Please suggest me what should I do?

I will try my level best to continue with him otherwise what is the procedure should I have to follow. 


talk to your parants first than make move


After one year of separation from husband you can file a Divorce suit on mutual consent (try to convince your husband ) failing which you can file a Divorce Suit by your side on contest with a petition for Alimony in Family or District Court.You can also file a Maintenance Case against your husband in Magistrate Court.


Divorce petition can not be filed within 1 yr. of marriage.

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Divorce is the worst things in anybodys life. However, if it is must then there is no alternative.Adv. Bhadra has rightly given the legal position. However, from ur descripttion it seems that it is difficult to get divorce by mutual consent. Get the help from any friend, relative to overcome the situation. It is because once you take step then it will be very difficult to get along with ur partner.

I will help u if u need any help.

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Sandeep Naik ( Advocate from Bombay High court )

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Sorry to hear about you, Divorce is Very Difficult and Tedious Process in India.

First Decide what do you want Marriage or Divorce?
It is saying... "First 6 months of Marriage having Strong Reason to Divorce."
So this is Very Delicate period for both of you.
"It is not an Easy task to Cohabit in Marriage"
Take the Advice of Elder. ESPECIALLY Put pressure on him from his Own Parents / Elders. (Not from your Parents, that will push him away)
Legal Grounds Need to be Strong for Divorce Like 1 year Separation and That is too with Reasonable Cause.
Later you can decide Mutually with you Well wishers

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Without taking divorce can I stay alone or with my parents ?


yes u can live alone or with ur parents, this is what separation means as said above by my learned frinds

but, i advice u to take more time to react,

as it is a tough decision and must be taken at outmost care,

please, try to live at ur in-laws home for some time, try to adjust, try to change ur husband

please take time to decide


you have to wait for one year at any case, you should live sperately and than file divoerce, untill that try to convience him for filing mutual divoerce


u may apply for Judicial separation. Further,





No doubt drinking is a constituent of culture all over the world, and is almost a cult in certain societies. Yet, even here as elsewhere a habit of excessive drinking is a vice and cannot be considered a reasonable wear and tear of married life. No reasonable person marries to bargain to endure habitual drunkenness, a disgusting conduct. And yet it is not an independent ground of any matrimonial relief in India. But it may constitute treatment with cruelty, if indulged in by a spouse and continued, in spite of remonstrances, by the other. It may cause great anguish and distress to the wife who never suspected what she was bargaining for and may sooner or later find living together not only miserable but unbearable. If it was so, she may leave him and may, apart from cruelty, even complain of constructive desertion; Rita v. Brij Kishore, AIR 1984 Del 291.




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