Need to apply for divorce


I am staying abroad and got married on June 2013 and not having kids yet,

During recent months, I saw change in her behaviour,

One day I saw the call log in phone (without her notice as she is cooking), in which she stored a guy name and I saw many calls made to that number in that day,

So in the same month, I got a long weekend leave, during those days I saw her SMS (while she is in shower), and taken those SMS as pictures in my phone and taken pictures of call logs too,

Further used a detective to follow her and he taken a video in which that guy and my wife where talk in park with his arms around my wife and some cuddles too,

But they suspected someone following, hence after which they changed the way of meeting and after which we couldn’t identify anything,

She left for Diwali to India and I suspected she might have called from my home phone, hence got the detailed bill from telephone operator and as suspected, she have made calls through my land line in which calls are made for minimum of one hour daily,

At the same time, in India, I got her whatsapp message for last two weeks in India,

Surprisingly I found that he is talking/chatting to another guy near her area daily (and deleting the incoming calls from that number immediately) and whats app message conveying like “she is always for him” or “she wants to be with him” and some more intense messages too.


In my observation, she used be a good liar and she can act very smart and even maintained good relationship with family members, so that people believe she is very innocent,


I am planning to inform this to their parents and take the things for divorce from there?

My query here is:


Will the video and the phone call details (daily one hour at least) taken here in abroad will be considered by the court?

Further another guy in India is always calling and chatting through whats app, is that can be used as evidence?

On saying this to their parents, can they immediately file 498A on me? So that I couldn’t travel?


Appreciating your help.





You can file for a divorce in the Country you live too...Search Online and you may find several results...

Go through this forums....on what reasons you can file divorce.

Adultery, Cheating.....Bad Behaviour.....Before you do anything give enough thought..... Talk to a good Lawyer and seek his advice.....

Even if she files 498a you are out of the country and they can't arrest you....the Jurisdiction matters....

Hope some Lawyers can share there ideas....

Who invented Telephone and Whatsapp????? 21st Century an era of Science and Technology.....




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