Marriage is civil: why marriage related offences be criminal

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a marriage becomes a civil contract when it gets registered. in america and europe, since marriage is registered, marriage is a civil contract.

in india, previously marrige was a religious ceremoney: it was a sacrament. now registration of marriage is mandatory. then marriage  becomes from sacrament, a civil contract.

when marriage becomes civil, how come marriage related offences become crime?

if marriage becomes civil, marriage related offences should also be civil. don't you think so?

previously also, when marriage was a sacrament,how come marriage related offences become crime? it should also be sacramental or religious. don't you think?

so in no way marriage related offences become crime.


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ha ha ..

though it seems to be a civil matter it bears all qualities that of a crime...isn't it?



there are good valid points of arguments but judge follows only written laws... anything over and above, he says... make a law for me...

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why not change the law ? what did the law minister do in these days? we people should raise good points and they only eat, sh*t and f**k?


whatever they do is toasted with money... nowadays i cant even find few people who are willing to do anything to somebody else...

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banking is a civil matters but if you do fraud it is a criminal offence.





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fraud and banking are different thing. you cannot compare it with marriage and marriage related things.

marriage is a civil contract. marriage related crime are just the breach of that contract. how come breach of contract becomes criminal?

on the other hand, bank has contract with its customer anyway.but fraud is not breach of that contract. in fact fraud is not a breach of contract. fraud is knowingly presenting wrong information in order to deceive a person.

breach of a contract cannot be criminal anyway.


our law makers were sincere in 1947s.. they started something and died...the next generation is busy minting money forgot law making...

125 is on it's way... :)

Because kiling, extorsion or beating someone is crime, hence killing, asking dowry or beating for dowry is also crime.


Marriage related crime are civil, RCR, divorce,125 etc.

But beating


The relationship of land lord and tenant is civil and governs by rent agreement and other allied civil laws.  But, if the landlord resorts to confine the tenant or uses physical force, assault etc. to recover his rent dues,  it is criminal offence as defined in IPC,  Even a father assaults his son or vice-versa also is a criminal offence, even though the relationship between father and son is civil.




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