Legal notice from the office of the city civil court regar


I got  a legal notice from the office of the city civil court   regarding my Personal Loan.

I was unable to pay the Loan since last 8 months  Where I took  a personal loan of Rs. 75,000 for 3 Years.Successfully I paid the due for more  than a Year. Now the Total Amount due is Rs.85,756.

The Notice I got today is as follows.

Loan A/c No----------------------
Total Amount due: Rs.85,756


Regional Processing centre ,Sriram Towers
3th Floor ,OPP Shadan College,Khairatabad
Represented By Mr ......................... and Number
My Name                                                  .......................................................Respondent

Whereas the above said case is posted on 11/02/2017 , in national Lok Adalath for conciliation and settlement , You are required to be present either in person or through Advocate before the undersigned on the above said date at 10.30 AM without fail.

                                                                    SECRETARY (FAC)
                                                               District Legal Services Authority
                                                              City Civil Court Complex


Please suggest me what to do . I am unable to pay this much amount now. Will I be arrested for the same .




If you cant repay loan why did you borrow then?


Doesnt make sense right.?


You do one thing. Go lok adalat on said date, aur gididao ki paisa dena nahi hota.  they will tell you go jail.  You tell nahee main jail jaana nahi chahta, mere paas 19999 he, wo lelo aur mera jaan chodo.  Only these type of drama happen in lok adalat.  if bankwala buys your drama, you will pay 19999 and get rid of case. Waise bhi if bankwala can let go mallya run away, thoda drama aur adjustment karwaloge bankwale ke saath toh, you can get away with this also.

Dont abscond. that become bigger headache than what you are facing now.  and 79999 is not that big amount that you think of running away like mallya.


The date was set for 11.02.2017. Did you attend it?

Retired employee.

This is all a farce.  They wanted number of cases for show.  Every one knows what cases are compromised, and how they are compromises.  Not even one genuine case will be entertained as compromise.  LSA can do nothing and they will dismiss the case as there is no compromise by the defendant/respondent.  While some insist such relectunce from other party in the form of a written statement, some Hon Judges even do not insist that written/Counter and just immediately dispose the PLC stating that respondent is not willing to compromsie.  However, it is always better to appear and  propose some compromise through repayment in installments for a longer time, waiver of penalty and establish some genuine proposition, they petitioner goes back and as such there can not be a compromise.  But the notices must be respected.

I heard that some borrowers/depositors  are also filed similar PLC, none from the Bank appeared, and finally a memo was sent through an unknown representative stating they are not for compromise, ( one sentence), and permanent lokadalat dismissed the case..




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