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My name is Lokesh, I work with a call center, i have been here for two years and have been performing more than my bosses expectations, I am regular. Last year on Diwali I wasn't granted a leave and i worked for 18 hours that day, this year as well same thing is happenng, everybody in my tem is either given a leave a week off or has been asked to come in morning shift. I spoke to my boss he declined all my request, my management is like hell, these guys are now presurrising me to work on national holiday, and i m being paid double slary as well because  as per company policy if a national holiday comes on sunday or saturday no ot will be paid.


What should I do?


It seems they are  resorting to unfair laborpractice and  subjecting you to explointation taking advantage of your  goodness. Talk to your MD regarding  asking you to come and work even on National holiays etc and whether they would  allow you  to have fun on Holidays. If your MD refuses to consider your point of view and insist oin  your working on  even on nationa Holidays . Also if you have call center employees union you can take their support. If you have any employee grievance cell you can contact them and tell your grievance. If nothing works then give a Legal notice to your Management. regarding all this and if they don't give a reply or   fails to give satisfactory reply you resign from the job.  and there are plenty of call centre jobs available in Job markets. You can join in another orgnization where they consider you as a human being and allows  you to relax on national holidays from work pressure..If you appreciate this answer please click the thank you buton on this forum..


Retired employee.

If you can not cure, endure and quit at appropriate time.  Working without job satisfaction is bad for health and particularly at Call centers.

Be precise on what specific point you week guidance against a private management ?


From your posts at LCI it is felt that you are not properly informed.

It is also felt that you have not been a member of Employee’s/trade unions and you have not consulted a very able counsel specializing in Labor Law Consultant/service matters.

And your bosses have made you a ‘marked man’.

Call centers/BPO/KPO/IT/ITeS/Software companies etc are covered by (Name of the state) Shops & Estbs Act that was enacted to govern the service conditions of employees working in such establishments.

Employer can offer superior benefits but not inferior.

This Act shall prevail upon any private agreement/rule/policy etc drafted/crafted by employer and signed with employee e.g; appointment letter/HR policy/leave policy/service agreement/contract of employment/employee handbook etc etc

First thing first; Go thru the Act.


Look into the provision of :

Compensatory off, holidays are included in the return of holidays list, followed from years together it amounts to custom, usage and long standing practice. 


Some states have enacted enactments e.g;

The Weekly Holidays Act, 1942

'the National & Festival Holidays Act



Some states such as Himachal, Punjab, Orissa, Andhra etc.  the state govts have enacted the national holidays act which is applicable to those states.


Maharashtra Public Holidays 2016 and 2017



OT, capping on OT is duly described in Shops & Estbs Act.

Weekly holiday is also duly described in Shops & Estbs Act.

Download attendance record.

Also make bosses send you a wrfitten communique to work OT/extra.

Or downlaod evidence that you were asked to  work OT/extra. 





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