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My wife has filed domestic violence and 498a case against me and my family members. I am earning 50000 per month. My wife went to her parents along with my 1 year old son few months back. How much interim maintenance my wife is eligible for? And is there any difference in amount of full and final maintenance and interim maintenance?

Thank you for detailed reply. I understand your point but she made mine and mothers life hell. She is too aggressive and abusive and every other day create new problems on trivial things. She always put pressure on me to leave my mom and stay away with her. I refused to do so and she left with my kid. Now during mediation she said will not come back and will take half my salary and live with her parents and enjoy also she said I m not going to give u divorce. If I show my expenses like electricity bill, water bill, insurances, petrol expenses etc on top of my inhand salary will that be considered? 1.5 lacs mandatory investment which I m doing every year, will that be deducted from this 50k before calculating interim? Because if I don't do this saving then company will deduct 5k more per month from my salary. My worry is If a comfortable amount is finalized as interim then she will stay like this comfortably and will not give divorce also.


If you wiling to live with your wife you can have her back. Maintenance is depend on 14 factors.Morever if she has left your home by her wish mail me i will say you what to follow steps and  she will beg you someday to let her divorce. I am lawyer and it is your wish you need to follow my advice or not.


Hi Shivam I am not willing to bring her back after what she has done to me and my family. Could you please share your email address I will mail you directly and we can discuss in detail?

Respected querist, "ONCE YOU FOOL ME , SHAME ON YOU. TWICE YOU FOOL ME , SHAME ON ME". This is a old proverb. I think you can remember this. And those who are advising to bring your wife back they won't stand trial for your 2nd 498a for which conviction rate is approx. 97%.



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