Inter caste love marriage (girl 17 and boy 21)

Inter caste love marriage (girl 17 and boy 21)

The girl is about to get 18 years in 5months but we have no time because of lots pressure from girls parents and they are trying to kill me and but the girl is try to attempt sucide,if i die or if her parents make me far from her.

but now they took her way,

what should i do can any one help us.


If both boy and girl are Hindu then marriageable age for girl is 18Y and for boy 21Y.

The girl by her sweet will can refuse to marry under force.





The girl can file a criminal caseagainst her parents for trying to force her into marriage.

Adv. Solomon Raj,
Attorney at Law,
Bharat Gaurav samman awardee 14
AICC National Legal Chairman.

They are not forcing for another but they beating her crucially and now at that age we cant get married in any case

i should wait untill she get 18 or what i should do can you tell me 

One more thing they stopped her study as well and beating her so much and she cant we come out of home to put case on them.


You can file a case against the parents on thesaid allegations. You both have no other choice but to wait till you attain the legal age of marraige. No Court of Lawin india can give you aright to get married beforeattaining yhe legal age for marriage.

Now i can cant put a case on there parents for doing all this


Try to be rational and logical. Marriage with a minor (less than 18 yrs) is against the law.  True Love can wait.  Crazy emotion to possess and own another person is not true love.  Let her be an adult first. Make yourself capable and self sufficient.

If two adults are truly committed..they can find ways to be together.   But, just raw emorions can not sustain the adverse waves of reality of life.   Marriages not on the foundation of reality, strenghth and maturity donot succeed.  

Love marriages are not for weak and meek.  First, both of you need to be strong and independent and then, build the temple of love marriage on the solid foundation as it takes much more than emotions to live together and raise a family.


You don't need to petition the court against her parents, But she needs to file an FIR to the nearest police station that her parents are forcing her for the marriage, Once she turns 18. You can marry her.


On 24th jan 2019 she will get 18 so i cN marry her and i have right. Yes or no???



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