Indian-german nationals marriage in germany/india

I am Indian national, am facing problem with document "certificate of marriageability" to marry my boyfriend who is german national. As this certificate is not provided by Indian authorities, I have submitted my affidavit about my single status from a lawyer at Tees Hazari court attested by SDM and ministry of external affairs but this is rejected by german registrar, they are asking for affidavit from Sarpanch and say that they have seen such affidavit earlier. But as we know there is no Sarpanch in Delhi but I don't know how to prove this to German registrars on paper. German registrars have an instruction sheet for India which says to accept certificate of marriageability or affidavits only from Sarpanch or mayor of city. Neither of these two posts exist in Delhi so I am kind of stuck to prove them this fact of non-existence of either the post of Sarpanch or the mayor of city on paper for Delhi. 

Further German embassy at Delhi says that even if I can get affidavit declaration from municipal councillor or executive magistrate or district court or marriage officer, it will work for them and they also say that they have seen such affidavits earlier. Talking to a few lawyers, i am told that it is only possible to get attestation from these authorities on my affidavit and they will not issue any affidavit on their name. So I don't know where to get this affidavit declaration from one of above mentioned officers if german registrar and embassy claims to have seen an affidavit from a competent officer in India declaring the single status of the individual.
To get married in India, a Delhi family court lawyer says that I need to submit a no objection certificate (NOC) from German embassy at Delhi for my boyfriend to get married under special marriage act. But German embassy at Delhi requires my boyfriend to submit his certificate of marriageability from his local registrar in Germany to issue NOC for him at Delhi and his local registrar requires my certificate of marriageability to issue his certificate of marriageability. So it's kind of same problem on the document "certificate of marriageability" to get married in either Germany or India.
I am currently clueless on how to solve this problem. I have reached out to a few lawyers in India and a few in Germany and have not found solution from anyone, that's why posting on this open forum. 
Appreciate any suggestions or experienced advices.
Thanks in advance

dear querist,

first of all  i want to clear you following things-

there is no such hardle for getting a marriage certificate in india from the authorities with fireign national,we had done many marriages get registered here and issuance of marriage certificate which is globally valid.if  you are looking for get married with your german boy friend,there is no hurdle and i assure you that you can legally get married here and can get marriage certificate which is accepted by all the indian offices and foreign ambassies .feel free to call me on my number given in my profile.


onemore thing i forget to tell you that there is no need of any NOC certificate to submit by you and by your bf to any of the authorities,we had get registered many foreign nationals marriage registered in india without such NOCs and which are globally validate marriage.


Thanks for your answer.

Is NOC not needed even if i want to get married under special marriage act only in delhi family court?


respected querist,

there is no need to obtain any NOC even if you want to get married in delhi family courts,the NOC will be obtained by the ld court where you had applied via publication.


Can you please explain the last part a bit more, i do not understand it "the NOC will be obtained by the ld court where you had applied via publication" Thanks

"......his local registrar requires my certificate of marriageability to issue his certificate of marriageability."

Ans : In getting certificate of marriageability, there is no requirement to give certificate of marriageability of intended marriage partner. It is just a clearance certificate that a person is not marrying during the lifetime of his/her spouce. So German Registrar can demand Death Certificate or seperation proof with previous spouce while issuing certificate of marriageability.

                 NOC is necessary for special marriage act also. I have prior experience in arranging for marriages with foreigners.

               Sumeet Garg,


                  Lexlitis Law Office, India

                 Ph; 9355345000


Hi preeti,

I am in exactly the same situation as you. can you please tell me how you managed this as I am indian with a german fiancee and we wish to get married asap. Please let me know what you did in the end...married in india or in germany?....validation of indian marriage licence in germany take how long? and how difficult is it?....would really appreciate the help




Hi Kiran,

Sorry for late reply. I have still not got solution, but I am trying to get married in Germany.

I got to know that Indian marriage certifcates are not accepted in Germany.

It's already 9 months past we had made application for marriage in Germany, but it will also take about a year to solemnise the marriage.


There are three mayors in Delhi. Many sarpanches in the rural villages in Delhi. Not sure about urban villages.




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