How to hide benami property

in this thread i will show some way to hide benami property. if you buy a property you have to let the govt. know that you are the owner. the instrument through which govt. knows it called mutation. so if you do not do mutation after purchase, then govt. will NEVER KNOW that you are the owner of the property. so buy a property in other's name or in your name but DO NOT MUTATE IT . govt. will NEVER know that you have a property at all.


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1.  The hallucinated suggestion is just simply not possible and further is a fraud against the Govt., and is further liable for criminal prosecution under the Benami Transaction Act and is further liable for confiscation by the Govt.

2.  A Non-Mutated property has no legal status in Court and shall always remain disputed.

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well then why don't you suggest how to hide benami property ? what to do with them (benami property) ? show them to the tax authority so that my client would be eaten up by modi sarkar ? or what ?

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Well, Such activity is not advisable in the Spirit of Law.



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Kind Attention:  "arix"

1.  Either you are "over-smart" or you are hallucinating to be.

2.  I was not taught that a lawyer should give advise /suggestions /opinions which are legally not tenable and/or enforceable.  Such false and illegal opinions /advise to the Clients, being bad name to the entire legal faternity.

3.  EVEN "IF" there are shrewd legally tenable alternatives, THEN I do not see as to how anybody would want to discuss /educate /share them in the open forum, more so for the benefit of Lawyers like you.

4.  There is a Penalty and Imprisonment of upto Seven years, for Benami Properties (movable /immovable).  Such false and illegal opinions /advise to the Clients are dangerous and the Lawyer himself shall be liable for sedition & abetment.

Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal




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