How to file suit to get son's share in husband's property

Hello Sir,

My son is a minor, his father and grandfather have property like flat, farm, house, vehicle on their names.

I want to mention my son's name in his father's and grandfather's property because they said that they will not give anything to him.

So, please let me know,

1) how to file any suit or how to mention minor son's name in his father's and grandfather's property ?

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No suit can be filled for getting name of your son in the property self owned by your husband or his father. It's their self acquired property which they can dispose as they like to do, you nor any court enforce them for anything. Any lawyer guiding you for filling suit in court in this regard is making fool of you just for making money nothing else.

You will not get anything from the property of your husband and his father if the property is self acquired. As your son is minor you may claim maintenance from your husband. 


Urson is minor why are u thinking about property and their silly talkings don't spoil relationship at this minor age Think future about him.educate him wealth comes and goes .if u educated him he earn his father's and grandfather's thousand times.dont poison his mind for silly property don't waste Ur time to take that property .if u goes to court it will take at least 25yrts to take property.their is no short cut. Time is very precious if yrs pass u cannot go back. Future is very impt. Don't take sweet words who say that section article says &it is in favour u and justice will be given with in week.these are all false assurance s if u once step to court Ur relationship with them will be bitterand serious of dangerous will occur.who gives assurance will leave u and Ur son alone and disappear. U have to fight alone it ruins both life. Be careful

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Actually, I have been informed that I can mention the name of my minor son on his father's and grandfather's property as son or grandson has right in the property of granfather's property.



If it is ancestral property and his father &grand father Mis use than u can file suit for partition for family benefits u cannot oppose .ur son is minor until he finishes 18 years he cannot own immovable property in his name so u have to wait till Ur son comes majority.then after u insist to join his name till that u concentrate for his education.

Thank you, Sir

Can I file "suit for partition" in the court on behalf of my son for house and farm of his grandfather ?


U can file suit for partition on behalf of minor son as minor guardian. U have to give evidence on behalf of Ur son.

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