How to deal with crooked lawyer



My aged parents rented out their house to a tenant for 11 months. The tenant then sub letted to 

someone else. After the first month the original tenant stopped paying the rent.

We engaged a lawyer and after two years of running up and down to the court we finally got an

eviction order. The lawyer told my parents that he will take care of the eviction for Rs 3 lakhs.


We felt 3 lakhs was an exhorbitant amount to begin with. But since my parents are old and cannot

run up and down to the court and police station ..etc we decided to pay the lawyer and let him

handle the eviction.


After the eviction was done the crooked fellow is now demanding Rs 5 lakhs (all in cash). He is

calling my parents everyday and harassing them about the money.


Please tell us what we can do in this situation. (We have already paid him Rs 2 lakh in cash.)


Thank you


I feel you get some spy camera & recorder and invite the lawyer. Make him feel comfortable with tea & snacks and start discussing all your topic. Get our all these bulsh*t from his month and also the threats what he want to give you in case you dont pay him. Do all these things very cleverly & get the recording secretly. Assure him, that you will try to provide the demanding money. Depart him with some small gift.

Next day make the copy (compact disck - CD) of all recording and send him one copy through courier and tell him your intention. I think, after that He will not blackmail you thereafter. Also you can submit one copy along with proof to the local police station just as an primary information.



...the eviction process is over. Ameena has submitted his completion report to the Court.The property is take overby the landlord. the lawyer tried his ways and means with ameena to hand over either to court or to p-stn. But theameena somehow managedand handed over the keys of the property to owner.(is this the correct rule as per the law ). because of this will the lawyer will be able to create some unwanted things......can any body enlightenthis matter.




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