How to authenticate whats app chats

How can one authenticate whats app chat between husband & wife ......

As we are aware one can manipulate chats by deleting one or 2 lines between chats.....what if either one of them takes screenshot to produce in court for abusive behaviour...

As i hve seen only name is visible in chatting not the number while chattin one on one....So how can one gets whats app chat authenticated or screenshot authenticated


Originally posted by : Chirag

As i hve seen only name is visible in chatting not the number while chattin one on one....


If number is not saved with any name in contact list, then the number will show in whatsapp chat and you can take the screen shot of the same.



State and Courts of law have unparalleled powers and if the need be can issue directions to operator to submit complete data.


in a simplest manner, file an affidavit stating the numbers saved in the phone with respective names ..

then include entire discussion in the text format in the affidavit ..

then use the option on whatsapp to email chat to your email account ... state this act/fact in the affidavit ..

take a print of that email and submit with the affidavit ...

also submit orginal phone handset through which you use whatsapp ...

make a CD of various screed-shots showing entire chat .. submits that CD

include all these acts in the affidavit and prove these acts through affidavit .. subsequently defend those facts in your cross-examination .. focus should be on to prove autheticity and originality of the whatsapp accounts, phone numbers, names, phone handset etc. ... the opponent will try to prove manupulation ...

best luck ..




Whatsapp chat can be emailed.


Keep original phone safe. Under court order the phone can be examined by forensic lab to get certified transcriptt of chat. This can be used in court as evidence. 




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