First oasis seen in 498a desert

Dear Learned members/Shonee Bhai

After a long fight and all turbulunce finally i got my bail confirmed on 30th April. For me its just like reviving my lost confidence in me again. Now its pay back time to those money hungry beggars because of which i spended 19 days of my precious life in jail and lost every thing , my respect job etc...


Hey man u haven't lost anything matter of fact now u shoud be proud of yourself jst gather some guts and give a damn good fight.



now fight the cases on merits.

truth always wins.

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Congrats, lekin bata to dete. Tumne to phone bhi nahee kiya..


don't think u lost anything ..... Better luck for a new start !! :-)


why u r thinking like that. The police custody has given you an inner strength. Use this strength and fight back with full force. As u won the battle and got bail, u will again win the case too. Its all fake cases and it is not going to survive.

2% conviction rate in 498a cases means u can understand the depth of ur case. Even terrorist and murderers r aquitted and enjoying in our great country in most of the cases, so dont worry. we have not done any crime and we will win it.

Banana Master


friends, one of your friend is boldly facing the false alegations. please see the link below

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Dont worry;

Ghandi also went to jail

me too in 498a and my case is running for last 12 years.

beat my record if you can.


Case running for last 12 years 


Hey which country am i born :/



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