Filed a case what are the next steps

My wife filled a case under 498a, 406, 506 and DP 4 & 6 act, saying that i was tourching her and harrasing her. and they mentioned that dowry was given at the time of marriage

she said i put fake education details in marriage sites and submitted the marriage site copy as a proof and she did some transactions to my amount claming that i harrased. Even I did one or two transactions.

I told before marriage about the education and even in one recording i told her even if i'm blind then only marry, she then replied saying i'm okay with it. I have a recording of it. will this proof sufficent to say this. but now she is denying about that.

I had a chat copy screenshot where it say my name on the top but not the mobile number, in the screenshot i told her not to transfer the amount.

but her father in a recent conversation after the fir told infront of my relatives that the amount was given for marriage expenses.

please help and advice.



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1) Discuss in the presence of family elders and outside senior citizen friends and try to resolve the matter amicably.


2) If not contest the case with all ur tangible evidences.


We tried to settle but they refused and they want to take the case to the court. My parents are not staying with me. Hardly they visited my home but she filled on them. Please advice whether call recordings are consider as evidence in the court?

Please help and advice me.

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How to fight a case with the merits of case on hand cant be explained online.  You can hire my services by paying professional fees to handle your case and your parents case.  Contact me via PM if you want.




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