Fighting for patta transfer

I own a piece of land at chennai sub-urban area.

I applied for patta transfer on my name on 10/10/2011 through VAO office. He told me to collect the patta from Ambattur Taluk office after 4 weeks. I visited the Ambattur taluk office after four weeks. I was told that my application was not reached Taluk office from VAO. Again, I checked with VAO office; they told me that file has been already sent to Taluk office. I followed-up for months but no patta. They told me to apply fresh.

2nd time, I applied for patta transfer on 08/07/2013, told me to collect the patta from Taluk office after 4 weeks.

I paid Rs. 1800/- in favour of Tahsildar as advised. I was in hope that this time I will get the patta. But, the same old story, come after 2 weeks, Surveyor is on leave, we will call you, and so on. I was tracking it for months. Then, I requested my application status through a query letter. Then, Tahsildar called me over phone and told me to ignore the application and advised me to apply through online system.  He assured me Computer patta within 3 weeks.


3rd Time I applied online. They asked me to re-scan the documents due to wrong block number on appln provided by them.

4th application thro’ online (No. 2017/0154/01/000670) on 05/09/2017. On every visit, told me wait for their phone call. No call from anyone. As per online status, the application got rejected on 19/03/2018 (after 6-1/2 months) with reason boundary variations. I asked for a copy of variations and reason for more than 6 months, no proper reply.

It is clear, they are expecting the bribe. One agent told me that Rs 30-40k to be paid for patta transfer.

What are the legal option?

Can I write grievance to CM cell?

Can i request a copy of observed variations in boundary thro RTI?

What can be done avoid bribe?

Your valid suggstion please.





Try thru RTI


Yes,collect the information through RTI and based on that initiate further action. Please ascertain whether Right to Service Act has been enacted in your State. By the way, what is the basis for seeking patta transfer?


Hi Venu I purchased a land through registered sale deed. Seeking patta transfer from previous owner This is unapproved patta land.with layouts containing 50 plots subdi ided from three survey numbers. Most of them got patta in the layout. Thanks Muthuraman



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