Fight Against Misuse of DV498A & CRPC125 & Dowry cercomtences full of advantages,

HI respected sir, ma'am
I have solid evidence to dismissed all case but how, I have strong evidence against cruelty and bad character fraudulent women, without reason living other place, almost above one year, and I have file section9, please do the needful asap, can I go to high caurt appeal to dismissed please suggest process its possible without lawyer because I'm jobless how to efford. :(

Humble request need justice, I have only hope 

SUFFERING from long time required justice truthfully I have many evidence about harassment cruilty one sided selfishly arbitrary incident, what's man human rights, it's gender injustice Iam fighting against false case DV-498A AND Dowry lied myth

Involved people who submit through bribe police not taken decision to help my precious time moments gone lost into hell, she file case after baby birth and own brother marriage till now don't know where they live scheduled meetings denial granted worth fraudulent involved persons is R&S, DEVINE FIREFIGHTING, RUKMANI AND SONS, JAGDAMBA FIRE WORK AND MANY FALSE LTD COMPANIES, MR bhupendra, Rohit, Vimal, Gaurav, her mother, 

Existing address F181, mehrauli ward no 3, and khasra no 1496 vasant kunj enclave 

They all harassment me and joke of my life and playing some one life

Who is responsible of 1.2 years of my life almost mentally distracted disturbing job less impacted of professional career growth, and I'm only one person to take care of mother and father dependent

Please look into this matter 

This laws are disintegrating and destructing indian families and relations to dangerous extent to the purest emotions one sided. 

Humble request need Parliament has the power to amend the Constitution to change this provision. First identify the problem and truth of behind women doing this when they are guilty of blunder and bad character and her family shamelessly cover their own bad habits and decisions even should should be considered to good and educate goodness and understanding the importance of future relationship, its ruined many things I'm tolerated many things which I never belong or never done before as on blamed me, 

Please humble request court should be listen both sided and hearing with both not clearly cleverly one sided and hearing date gone and received sommon after date, and many things I have which is misused corcomtance fully taken advantage, if further information is needed please let me know,  schedule the meeting please

this is not right responsibility in society partiality In gender who hidden and show other person victim, as totally denied to wife please to get written answer asked questions about her carator doubt full and bad activct women, away from July 2016 and file DV 498A ON MARCH 2018 AFTER LONG PERIOD AND FAKE DATE MENTIONED HER FATHER GIVEN A CAR ONLY AS DOWRY TO OWN daughter, kindly investigate in both place if you some doubt, because they make a list about Dowry and doing business through legal terrorism, stop harassment my father is retired man from iocl and well behaved society background you can investigate both family and everyone carator I will give evidence my life fully hell after marriage unexpected change in behavior of wife many things fishy, how I responsible of mentinance of her how she is wife kindly ask her AND MANY OTHER BLAMES ON ME AND MY PARENTS LIED DISGUST STORYLINE AFTER BABY BIRTH AND ROHIT MARIAGE IN ALIGARH 

Stop false case 
she planed doing business stop harassment dismissed false case against me, what I do wrong what my rights as husband, for God shake 

One sided misbehaving in caw cell, and unexpected from my wife which I never belonging anticipated I'm well behaved lie recorded every single thing, baby custody iligal birth no information no seen face naamkarnan without husband and many things which so adultery every festival no with me, no call picked I have all recorded her Bua told about devorce my life make joke, and marriage into hell, I'm from bhramin community I'm not bad or anything else person please stop harassment it's legal terrorism loosely drafted 498A affecting all society, my mother cryed front of me, at least take reply what she wants and what my fault she blame me, that I never done, 

existing address F181, mehrauli ward no 3, near Vikas hospital, and new address mentioned in false 498a case summon bundle file as: 1496/2, min first floor, A block, vasant kunj enclave, Delhi,  

Bhupendra Sharma is fraudulent and his business firefighting organization name may differ or changes time intervals rukmani & sons, R&S, Devine firefighting, jagdamba fire works  and many names fraudulent, 

Belongings aligarh barauli Rao Jawaa thana

Involved persons:Vimal primary abused, mamta with Gaurav blame on my senior father, sonu di abused without knowing truth as tujhe faik dungi, Gaurav disgusting bad lenguage, Rohit joked me bad things about my mother, rukmani mother badly abused me kisi ne is Tarah baat nahi ki, Saadi ke baad baby birth ke baad case dala meri Insult jhoot Bola gaya jab sab Sach samne aaya to blunder cover Karne ke liye baate chupaane ke liye hearing dates one sided and file case doing misuse after knowing no option left, 

Componsition most utmost my life almost hell due to a women lack of meturety manmaani 

wisely should chose  have You girl . time good it to choose  more lawyer wisely Now is .



Never say, because you are jobless you want to do your case yourself.   Can you say that in case you require medical help, you will cure yourself without  a doctor  ?


  Yur question is not clear, please use simple language,  I have seen some clients think that they know law n try to use legal language, the y themse;lve do not know


What I gather from your query that you got strong proof againsyt your wife n you wantto file restitution.   Are you not contradicting your own stand.   So be cllear as to the facts and as to the circumstances and as to what you exactly want.   There is something else in your mind and you want to impress upn the court something else.   The Court of Law is not fool, as the Judges handle thousands of litigations.

So be clear 






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