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I am a 40 yr old person living in Patiala (Punjab). I have One younger Brother and One elder sister and my mother and my family live in our parental house at  Patiala which my father had constructed in 1978. My father had died in 1986. The  titled deed of the house is in my father's name. The electricity Bill and Water supply bill from Mimicipal Corporation is in my father's Name.  The area where we live is a residential area and we live at this place for last 30 years. And the tite deed of the house is with us and no dues or loans are standing any where in the books, hence the property is totally free from all types of encumbrances or dues.

Now we want that the property (the house) be transferred in my mother's name and later on to my name with mutual consent of my mother, my brother and my sister (As the relation with all of them are very sweet and they are ready to give NOC for such transfer)

Please guide the me the step by step rules to get it transferred in my mothers name and them my name.

Thanking You


Dear Shivendu,

I can't understand why do you want to transfer the property to ur mother's name and in turn in your name.  Rather, you can directly get a deed executed in your favour.

You pls mention what is your real intention.


you make an application fro transfer of property in your mother name . you along with your brother and sister will have to give NOC for  transfer . once property is transferred in your mother name your mother can preapre a will bequeathing proprty in your name .



in the alternative have the property directly transferred in your name by taking NOC from mother , brother and sister .


Yes, i agree with mr.sethi
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Dear Shivendu Agarwal,

You all are co-owner of the property left by your father being legal heirs. if you want to get the property transferred in mother name then you all execute Relinquishment Deed in favor of your mother thereafter you mother will executed will / sale deed / gift deed  in your favour.





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Bhasin Legal Consultants(SOLICITORS & ADVOCATES) bhasin.laws@yahoo.com 9811210505

Similarly you can also done all this in your favour instead of adopting this for your mother. Relinquishment Deed itslef means NOC from your brothers & Sisters. so you don't have to get any other.



Rajiv Bhasin




Dear sir if I transfer the properly directly from my father (expired in 1986)to my name i think that as per law of inheritence I my mother, my brother, my sister and my self all the four perosns have right of 25% and  only 75% percent of the share will be transferred to my name as 25% share belongs to me already. my intention is this that 100% share of the property be transferred to my name (which is secondary). Primarily my motive is to transfer property to my mother's name, but How?, I do not know the way. Pl. guide me.




Shivendy Aggarwal




Dear Sir, 

if my mother ,brother and sister all three execute a relinquishment deed in my favour than how much property will be transferred  100% or 75% in the title deed (executed in my favour) and what is the cost of this relinquishment deed and where this is to be produced.



Shviendu Aggarwal




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