Fate of 498a wives

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I just wanted to share this topic which is taken from "A GUIDE TO SURVIVING IPC 498A"

The Consequences For Filing A False 498A:
There is a lot written about 498A, but nothing is said about the consequences for the filers of a false 498A. The filers of false 498As do so out of malice or bad advice, but they are not informed of the consequences.
The best source to know more about the consequences of filing a false case is the document by Madhu Purnima Kishwar (http://tinyurl.com/2rbmxs). She is a respected fighter for women’s rights, unlike the radical feminists of India, and I think you need to read what she has to say. 

• Divorce after a 498A is guaranteed. 498A is a nuclear weapon for relationships. Once it is used, it ends everything good in a relationship. Lately, there has been a trend where women are coming back to their husbands after realizing the mistake they made by resorting to 498A.
• She won’t get married again. The reason being our very conservative society. Feminism and standing up for women’s rights may be a fashionable thing to bandy about, but no family, including the family of the false filer of a 498A or the staunchest feminist, would like to admit one of these filers of a false 498A into their homes. This is all about power politics in relationships and once it is known that a woman had filed a 498A, she will be treated like radioactive material.
• Her sister(s) may eventually run off with the milkman or something along similar lines may happen as they risk remaining spinsters.
• Any sisters-in-law she may have will turn against her as time goes by. Her brothers may not get married again. Think about this. Would you be willing to send your sister/daughter into a home where there is woman who has quarreled with a decent husband and used the law to terrorize him and his family? How happy would your sister/daughter be in a home like that? How secure would a family feel, if the sister of the woman who filed a false 498A enters the house as a bride? It also says a lot about that family that they did not discourage her from doing so.
• The 498A wife may face arrest under Section 182. The sentence may be range up to 6 months and a fine or both.
• If children are involved, their development will be threatened as fathers play a crucial role in the up bringing of a child. There is also a chance for the 498A wife to start having affairs and neglect the children. There are instances where this is happening.
• In the case of a woman who files a 498A just to extort cash, or harass her husband and his family, there is a certain disdain with which she will be treated by her family and society if the plan backfires.
• If the 498A is being filed at the instigation of close relatives, and if they do succeed in extorting money from the husband, once the lawyer, the parents and everyone else gets a cut, they are going to abandon the woman.
• The 498A wives may want to read this article from the LATimes (http://tinyurl.com/2oqllg) to understand how divorce negatively affects the finances of women. Universally, the finances of divorced women tend to deteriorate over time, regardless of the alimony they may receive.
• None of us likes to be alone and even the strongest amongst us will feel pangs of loneliness. I believe that men are better equipped to deal with loneliness due to biological factors. It is a completely different issue for the 498A Wives. They are condemned to live alone. They had it all and they blew it and they know it.
• Someday, the dear 498A Wife may find that the wrinkles have appeared and where there was once a slender waist, there is a scooter tire. In the twilight of her miserable life, she may find herself, missing her decent, civilized husband.

So So So TRUE...

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excellent article.

dude, ur purpose will be served even just a single woman willing to file a false 498a changes her mind.


paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Dear Amit,

I am sure none will change her mind....because taking a correct decision will require a huge amount of "consciousness"...one has to be highly conscious...

When a wife is fighting with her husband and threatening to file 498a or planning to file 498a with her parents...she has become blind already....her consciousnes has been consumed be her ego..and that is the end of it...

Consciousness is resumed after things are over...after great suffering..and then comes realization...

So I am sure this message will not change any ones mind...



Celebrating the return of my Aunty

498A wife still can hope to remarry.


She will easily get another 498A man who was booked for cruelty.But no decent girl would like to marry him.


So 498A wife and a 498A man are made for each other

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wat princess, 

498a sufferer man even hate to go to girls ( for marriage) then how he can marry a 498a woman!!!

paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge


Why did my comment hit you so much..I THINK MY SECOND COMMENT ABOUT SUFFERING HURT YOU MORE THAN MY FIRST COMMENT...it seems as if you were struck right in your heart and you must have lost our sleep...

By the way, are you are 498A wife? Why are you supporting 498A wives so much? and trying to weigh 498A women with 498A husbands?

And do you think, WILL EVER A MAN, ONCE HIT BY 498A, MARRY A 498a WIFE? He will marry only when the wicked 498A wife hides the fact that she had filed 498A, but you know these things are never hidden...one cannot hide an normal, clean MCD, hiding of 498A is far off....


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