False victim of ipc 498a, 304(b), 306

Me and my family are falsely charged with IPC 498a, 304(B), 306.

I want to tell the whole world that when nobody is with you, remember GOD is with you. GOD is always with right ones and honest ones, but it takes time to prove it.




Before I begin with my story I want to tell you that me and my family are educated, middle class and are very religious.


My Family 

My younger brother's wife committed suicide by hanging within 9 months of marriage and all our dreams came shattered on that day.

We are a joint family; I have my wife with kids and our parents. Me and my brother are in service and look after ourselves and our parents.

My younger brother's wife and her family

My brother's wife was very good in nature and she used to say that I and my wife were her second parents.

The only negative thing about her was, she cannot digest any single negative word about her. You cannot say her straight forward that this is wrong. She used to get violent and start shouting, but after some time she understands her mistakes and would say sorry.She was having a very bad relationship with her own mother and would tell her Hitler.

Her father is a quite sober personality. Her mother is reverse of him. Her brother is a romeo type. 

She had attempted suicide in her teen age but we can't prove it.


Me and my wife have noted her habits and use to counsel her which her mother knows very well.


The case

She is no more and last 2 yrs we are suffering humiliations from her parents with this IPC 498a, 304(B), 306

They have filed FIR with all false allegations of dowry and we hanged her.

Me, my brother, my father (a retired service) and my mother have to go through 40 days of jail term for bail process.

Thank God my wife got the ACB.

The case is in session’s court and every month we are getting the dates till now from last 1 and half year. 


I have gone through various forums of 498a, to study the process and consequences.

Most of them says, one should counter attack the complainant by filing various cases to get rid of this. 

I have many points by which I can counter attack them, but I don't want to do that, as we have suffered the humiliations, which I pray to God that nobody should go through all these things in life. 

Our relatives have approached them and ask for settlement, but my brother's mother in law told them she wants 5 lac and she will simply not attend the hearings in the court (she won't take back the case) I saw some mischief and straight away told no for such things. She has even told us in the court by facing her back to the Judge that “by hook or by crook I will not leave you and will go till Supreme Court “. May  God show her the right path. Media had also played their part of printing Masalas


 I want your guidance whether how should we tackle the case:

1. All the property (Jewellery, utensils, clothes) of both sides is in police custody. 

The complainants claim that, they should get all the property when asked by the Judge, we said we have no objections for their property but we should get ours back.


2. Our lawyer is getting points from us to declare all allegations are false.


How much time will this take, we have even requested the Judge to start the trail day to day to finish it off?

We are very confident that we will get through as we have not done anything.


Need your kind guidance on this, please revert and help.

If you need more information please reply back.





I understand it will be reail painful time for you and your family but contesting hard is the only option left.


Check with your lawyer in which stage your case has come and i am sure experts here will guide you.



Brother since marriage was only 9months old presumptive powers ofjudge shall be applicable. unfortunately there is no way except to valiantly face the prolonged trial. my only suggestion is to hire the most competent lawyer with vast past experience in handling dowry death and abetment to suicide cases. the lawyer may be costliest but his competence and integrity matters the most.many good apex court judgements are there . you need to thoroughly study them. wish you all the best . TRUTH WILLPREVAIL FINALLY INSHA ALLAH regardsASHOK

Dear friend 1. First in which state your case is running . 2. I am also facing same false case of 304B and 498a from last 2 years 3. contact any sr. lawyer in session count. 4. search good supreme court judgement or high court judgement in www.indiakannon.org or supreme court site. 5.as you the main grounds of your court 6. u may contact in mail id rajivrajan.2011@rediffmail.com
Dy Director

at times facts are stranger than fiction.  Yest the cases of your type also happen where girl commit suicide being harassed by own parents.  But unfortunately theonus of proof is on you.  It is you who have t proce that the causeof suicide was otehr than dowry.


Hello all,

My case is on board and cross examination of victims parents are going on. Any suggestion on which point to cross examine them


Hi All, My case is at a point where now the post mortem doctor and IO is to be crossed by my lawyers.

Any suggestion on the same. what si to be brought in front of the court. I mean what to ask.



Hello faizan I also face same false 304b case. Can u tell me which lawyer you hire for the bail time?

how to expedite such cases?? what can be done. which senior lawyer can be hired to assist under this ??


@Amardeep I have hired S G Rajput. He is a good lawyer @taranjot such case cannot be expedited. Many senior lawyers are there.



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