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Two days back i got call from my village police station that is in west godavari district.Head Constable called me, He said that some one complained againist me need to  visit police station.I asked hime did he submit any proofs are not.He didnt replied.I told him present  i am in hyderabad need to take saturday i will visit. He gave the phone to CI and CI talks very rudely i will take out your call list ,you threatened some one so we called need to come police station otherwise i will file a case. I replied that "sir i obey to law,if you had all evidences and proofs go a head,But now i am unable to come will come on saturday".He forcely cut the call. Next day my father went to police station and enquired related to the phone call,He understood that some known people to CI gave a complained on me for threatening. He asked CI to warn me . My father try to meet CI at that time he is out of station. The person who complined me and i had some old rivalry so he want to use CI for this. 

My friend is youth president and local politicians are my fathers friends. Those people speaked related to that issue to CI. Now he is calm down. I want to go againist to the false compliant . How should i approach in this situvation.





there is no clarification in your query 





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Thanks for your personal suggetions sir


You need to approach the police and ask them to take action against this person; that's if you think it is a false complaint.



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