Fake cheque bounce case

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I was charge with fake cheque bounce and I got court summon notice. A Person who barely I know him had stolen all my cheques while shifting my house and somehow he got a blank cheque signed by me. And he started blackmailing me to pay a lump sum of 5 lakhs. I denied to pay, so he presented to the bank and it was returned due to "Payment stopped by drawer". Now with that he approached a lawyer and filled a fake cheque bounce case against me. Also, he bribes the police at local police station and I didn't get any help from their either. As the police started threatening me along with him that they are not taking my complaint as I am non-local to Bangalore and I must know Kannada to lodge fake cheque bounce against that person who blackmailed me. I am not getting any justice either from the police who I approach since I am not a native speaking Kannada.

As they all being local to Bangalore and no one is helping me in this regards. Please, expert save me & help me in this situation what I have to do and where to start with. My Questions: 1. Do I need to accept the Summon got from the Court? 2. What are my chances to come out of this horrible situation? 3. Without any legal bond agreement for 5 lakhs, is that person can file fake cheque bounce against me? or I am bound to attend the court for summoning I received from court? 4. What are my chances of winning the case and how I can get justice? Is it very difficult to win the case? 5. I am a normal employee working in a mid-size company struggling with a child and now I am not sure how to come out of this bad situation. Not sure whom I need to approach. Your immediate response is highly helpful and thanks in advance. Please help. Regards, Rahul B 



You are so innocent that you keep blank cheques in your house with your signatures to be stolen by a stranger. But you don't even report to the police about the theft of those chques with their numbers. And only remembered when the alleged stranger has bounced them. Come on, who will believe your fabricated story?

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Hello Omprakash Sir,

Not sure on what grounds that my genuine complaint as a story to you. Those signed cheques were kept in my home for any emergency purpose if I am outstation my mother or sister can you use that. As I said in my query, the complaint was made in loss of cheque books before the person submitted the cheque in the bank and got bounced to register a complaint against me. 

If you are not helping me that's fine Sir, let the genuine people reply to my query.





Please don't start a mind game now, as you nowhere have stated in your very first query that you have lodged the complaint before the stranger bounced the cheque or cheques. On the other hand who am I to stop others to advise you. But the facts which you have stated in your very first query suggest towards a fabricated story.
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This is All India story of the cheque bounce accused. How it is that all the accused have same story of signed stolen cheques.

Again they do not want to engage a serious legal help but want free advice. It will not solve the problem.



You are a faker adviser and miss guiding others who would like to reply genuinely. Just shut your mouth and away from this thread as you don't have any experience and all non-sense you are talking.


अबे सीरियल चीटर Rahul Bejaeada, क्या तुझे विनोद शाह की सलाह भी पसन्द नहीं आयी, अगर मैं तेरे अनुसार फेक एडवाइजर ही हूं? यह प्लेटफॉर्म क्या तेरे बा. का है?

अबे सीरियल चीटर Rahul Bejawada, क्या तुझे विनोद शाह की सलाह भी पसन्द नहीं आयी, अगर मैं तेरे अनुसार फेक एडवाइजर ही हूं? यह प्लेटफॉर्म क्या तेरे बा. का है?



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