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Please tell me how to get the copyright registration done for a website in India?

Also, the content of a website keeps changing each day, how does one constantly keep getting a copyright each day?


And I know that there is an automatic copyright protection, but I'm still interested in getting the legal registration for the copyright. Please help.


Waiting for an early reply.


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I would like to know the response/reply to this query on copyright on website especially when it is changing dynamically.  Kindly let me know the views of legal experts on this


V Rajendran


I am a copyright, Music right, and online IPR specialist, You can apply for copyright, of your website. Yes It keeps changing. You can select your time frame..i.e., daily., wkly once.,monthly once., for copyright registration. The system regularly monitors your website, and registers it automaticaly as per your request( time frame).Best wishes.

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Mr. Vibanth,

It is advisable to keep re-registering for copyright protection. If time span for the webiste to change is too small, then it is advised to apply for copyright registration every three months.

Let me know, if there are any concerns.



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But what will you copyright? Is it website design ( the pics/text/arrengments on webpages) OR the background source code? If you are copyrighting the source code, make sure that same is not present any where because it is quite possible to see the two websites similar with just some difference of images at diffeent location, but the code will be same..




yes MIka. the compilation of that work also can be copyright, provided the licence is given. You can get copyright for your pages/sourse code,(compilation too), make a page on your website as notice board. There anyone can write. U R not responsible for that area, if U mentioned it in your disclaimer. But, Be care full in you disclaimer and mention it by using the words, 'NOTICE BOARD"

For complete details on website copyright and what to do about the constant changes and new content addition in regards to a website? how to get such material copyrighted for this purpose, you should, read the following articles:


a website needs to be copyrighted to save stealing of contents


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