Converting Black Money into White. (preventive measures)

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In todays India Everyone have lots of Black Money with them.
It is common phenomenon  that most of the people converts or they want to convert their Black Money into White Money.

What are the ways by which people converts their money to white and What are the Preventive Ways to stop it ?????

((Kindy consider this topic in Legal sence as it spreads Information to Stop and bring control on illegal conversion of money !!!. ))

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Its true that india's economy is spoiled by Black Money,  Black money can be convereted into white by donations to PM funds, National emergency fund, Forming educational institutions and trusts.



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Check out this article you will get some hardcorefacts on black Money

Mentioned about the Money which is lying in Swiss bank , check this article from link:

Here are some more links:

Get to a jeweller. Give him the amount you want to convert into white as cash. he would give you a cheque back for the same amount less 4%. he would give you a purchase bill to show that you have sold jewellery to him. On the amount of the cheque when you file your returns you will have to pay capital gain tax. there you go , the money is white now.. HOW?? SOURCE OF INCOME IS SALE OF JEWELLERY.

well you need such money for fradulent transactions,bribe,etc. Like if you want to get a medical/engineering seat you have to pay something for which no receipt is given.the something amount you pay cannot be shown officially because the giver and taker both will face government problemit is not possible to convert all the black money into white money except when the government announces special schemes wherein one will pay some tax and convert the rest into white

now a days usual money is called black as everyone have a lot of stuff in their hands.. how it will convert in to white..ok take this.. u are buying a land worth 20 lakhs but you insist in buying it on 40 .. take in to account that you have 1 crore of black with you.. you show goevernment that you bought that land for 1 crore.. with a loss of 20 lakhs , remaining 80 is converted into white!!!! (with a land worth 20 in your hand)

Here's an indepth article about Black Money in India....

Black money is not a synonym for the cash economy. For instance, there are several transactions which have to be carried out in cash: Municipal tax, passport fees, purchase of government stamp paper, opening a bank account.

How did the first black money become black? Like all money, it started life in a sarkari mint, all spruced up and spiffy. Face and knees well scrubbed, shoes shined, laces knotted neatly, it got a valedictory pat on the head from the RBI governor and was sent out to make its way in the world. So where and how, after this immaculate conception, did it suddenly become black? Nagarwala? Bofors? Sukh Ram? Who dat?

There's another problem with black money. It's like a chameleon. It keeps changing colour. Suppose X, who has black money, goes and spends some of it having a meal at a 5-star eatery. All at once, X's black money becomes the eatery's white money. Better than Fair & Lovely.

This changeability of complexion suggests that, at some point, all the money in supply was or will be black, and vice versa. So is the only way to get rid of black money to get rid of all money and replace it with cheques and credit cards? The next time you flog a year's collection of old STOIs to the raddiwala ask for payment via Amex.

Black money refers to moneys,properties etc which are held and enjoyed by persons who do not account for it under Law,escaping tax liability on the same.Examples of such black money can be found in benamy transactions in sale/purchase of properties.Also various trade malpractices resulting in suppression of income earned can accumulate black money.Physical money hoared in bank vaults,whose source is hidden can be one more instance.Conversion of black money into white money takes place when someone owns that money as his own showing it as earned by him or when someone documents that he has given a loan .usually traders,realestate peiple and big business people. hoard money,resulting in black money.

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Thanks Shree and Kavi for sharing such an valuable information and for your time .

Thanks alot.


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well Mr. Shree has provided the info in abundence and have answered the question beauifully...i personnaly thank him..


the information is really of immense importance


Hi Shree

Thank you for good informatation!


The information is nice. But who is going to prevent black money conversion. The politicians have deliberetely kept loopholes in the tax legislations.




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Thank you.. Thankyou very much...

Very good supportive efforts by all members..

Keep on helping and sharing views.




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