Consumer court not admitting the complaint

Here is the small story:-

Air Conditioner was purchased in 2016 for residential use.
And in 2019 it stopped working, lot of telephonic and complaints through email done. And lot of followup.
But company was not able to repair it from 2 months. Many times technicians came but were not able to repair it.
Finally, consumer went to consumer forum praying for direction to company for taking their AC back and refund him.

Now Hon'ble Judge(President) at Consumer fora is saying that how can you ask for refund. It is a 3 year old AC.
And even if refund will be provided then depriciation @ 20% per year will be deducted.
And he has asked to ammend the prayer clause of petition by removing the point of refund and adding the point for direction of repair in it.
Otherwise he'll not admit the complaint.

But some questions in mind:-
1. What will be the use of direction of repair as their technicians have tried lot of times, but they are unable. Whenever they repair it, AC just works for one-two days and again stops working.
And even if they will be directed by consumer fora they will again repair it temporarily and get the signature from consumer that AC is workin fine now.
And when after 1-2 days it will stop working then they will say that it is new issue and we have followed the order of court by repairing.

2. How did Hon'ble Judge(President) arrived to the figure of 20% depriciation per year.
 Why not 10% or 15% or 25%.

On next date either the complaint(petition) will be admitted or rejected.
Hope for some good suggestions.

Lawyer in

Many different depreciation methods can be used by the entities to record the effect of devaluation. Selection of method is depend upon the type of goods. % also must be taken in the same manner. On every invoice, there would be one condition, once sold cannot be taken back. and no return. 


Dear Rahul the querist, but you did not say about the guarantee period of your A.C. I don't think it would have the whole life or unlimited period guarantee. BTW, if you are not happy with the order of the District forum, then approach the State Forum please, and I am sure that you are well aware of it being concious of your rights which is very appreciative.



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