Clarification request on housing society maintenance increment

There are total 8 flats in our apartment and seven owners. Every month all flat owners contribute and deposit towards the maintenance charges of the society. currently maintenance charges are INR 750 per month per flat on Avg sqft of 700 Sq.ft per flat
In almost every year the secretary and president of the society increase the maintenance charges, which comprises of caretakers salary as well. This results in increase in burden of my household expenses. Can a member take any action on increase of maintenance due to financial constraints and the member doesn't want to pay the increased amount. He has already made a request to society to take measures of cost control. For 8 flats they are insisting on caretaker's expenses without considering our present standard of living.
is it obligatory to increase monthly maintenance every year just for increase of salaries. what should be normal range on maintenence per Sq. ft.

if such increase is as per the Resolution passed and admitted by majority of members as per bye law of your flat association,then you should also bear the same as a member of the association.





there is no such resolution.. but it is admitted by majority of members

In society matters all matters are decided by majority members so if majority of members does not agree for increase then society can not increase maintenance. Society can dispell care taker and any member by rotation can manage the affairs of the society so by this way society can reduce its burden towards payment made to care taker.

if the majority of members accepted it, then it should have written in resolution.

anyway if majority of members accepts it. you should also follow it.


But, you are hands are not tied to rise the issue again in next meeting, you can also request for accounts if you feel, the burdern is too high than of the needed




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