Change in Name of Birth Certificate, father/mother name

If any one can help me..

I need to change my father birth certificate where in one name has to be changed from Antonio to Anthony, also his mother and father name need to be corrected, his current passport has all the correct name, i need the same to reflect in his birth certificate with the brihanmumbai mahanagarpalika. At present i have made a affidavit with all name changes and  attached proof of passport. Will this be enought on my side or i need to do more.?

awaiting for all you kind advise.

practicing advocate

mere affidavit is not sufficient.  you have ot follow the procedure of publishing in the news paper.

Is their any circular by the Govt., that if change of name etc., should be declared by the Court.  Karnataka Govt., has this cirucular,  So We file here Suit for declaration case to get declare the name in the school records as well as in the service records.  But limitation act applies to this type of suit.



In case you wish to change your name, that also includes your father's/mother's name (!!) or even Surname you have to follow a very simple procedure.


Go to the State Government Press in the Capital City of your state.


Ask them for the form for change of name and obtain it.


Fill up the form and submit it (preferably then and there).


Pay the requisite Fees in cash. (Rs. 120/- in Maharashtra for routine (6-8 weeks for publication) and Rs. 620/- for urgent (2-3 weeks)).


The Press would publish the details of the change of your name (or father's/mother's name, or surname as be your case) and post you two copies of the Government Gazette or ask you to collect the same. The press would also let you know when they would publish the same.


Thereafter wherever you wish to submit your change of Name / Father's/mother's Name / Surname Proof, you can submit true copies of the relevant pages of the Gazette.


Thereafter wherever you wish to submit your change of Name / Father's/mother's Name / Surname Proof, you can submit true copies of the relevant pages of the Gazette.

The procedure is adopted for the change in the date of birth and age and even for a change of religion.

Once the same is notified in the gazzette approach the university/board and request change in your name by submitting a certified copy of the gazzette.


Thanks for you reply Sir,

All i need is the birth certificate to be corrected, all names in all other documents are correct eg Passport,PAN,driving Licence, i can provide them as supporting documents, I have also applied to the Maharashtra Government Press for change of name notification, but not aware of the form for change of father/mother name etc. Please send me or give me a link to those forms.

As per your responce after i get the gazatted notification i may approach the Mumbai brihanmumbai mahanagarpalika, and my father birth certificate can be corrrected.


please advise



Dear Charles,

My sincere advice for you is that you may get an Advertisement published in two local dailies of your State and subsequently get an  affidavit duly affirmed by a First Class Magistrate of the Local jurisdiction of your residence/place of work and produce the same wherever whenever the need arises for the same.

Thanks and best regards


Office Assistant

If anyone can help me

My name is Rohit. I m facing a problem in my date of birth as well as place of birth. Both of the things are placed wrong and i m having having no proof regarding them but i do have a certificate of my native place where i was born, So is there any rule in the Law of changing these things as i m 23 years old now but my real age should be 22 & the place of birth should be my village instead of maharashtra. Kindly suggest asap. 



Dear sir,

                 My child is of two years. I want to change his name in BIRTH CERTFICATE ( IN MHARASHTRA).  Can I go to the state govt. press for the same? If yes, then is it possible to do correction in the municiple corporation record of birth certificate by showing the gazzette copy?


respected sir,

                       my father and mother'S  NAME  is  in correct  on my 10th class  cbse  

                       i have my driving licence , date of birth certifice and ration card on these all  names are correct 

                       which i want  ..   I  HAVE SCHOOL FEE SLIPS  ON  WHICH  NAME ARE CORRECT  



m adopted son of an unmarried woman (60yrs) she is legally my mother. i wana go abroad ..for this i need take my birth

certificate  with me. when i was born my natural mom dad did'nt registered my birth within 21 days .

but as u also know sir ..  here is any procedure to register it now also with certain documents, statements n witnesses ..

i am also following this way... for this i was to my city birth registrar office (municipal committee) n

 they said yes u cn apply to register ur date of birth .. bt when they saw my case that m adoptive son of an

unmarried mother then they were confused .. they said if any kid become adoptive son of any parents then that

kid will get his birth  certificate with the name of his adotive father and mother name ... not with the name of

his natural parents ... bt in your case problem is this that your adoptive mother is unmarried then what we should

write in the column of father's name ?

bt sir ..i got passsport with the name of my adoptive mother  on the base of my court's decree ...
in that decree sheet i am declared to be the adopted son of this unmarried woman and  for all purposes

with effect from today and all my  ties with my natural father mother shall be deemed to be severed and replaced

by those created by the adoption in the adoptive family .further ,i am at liberty to change my records/certificates


so .. m now legally the adoptive son of my unmarried mother .. and with the help of this decree from court .

bt sir now the problem is this .. either i cn get my birth certificate with my natural father mother's name or

i cn get birth certificate also with my adoptive mother's name and if yes then what will be the father's name

in my birth certificate ?

sir plzz reply me as soon as possible for this i will be very thankful to you .  

                                                                                         Balwant Singh


I don't have a birth certificate i was born in bangalore BBMP limits . I was born in 26th october 1990 . What is the procedure to obtain the birth certificate ? Some of them told that i need to get order from magistrate if in that case how many days it will take and approximately what would be the cost?




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