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Posted On 06 August 2012 at 15:42 Report Abuse


(1) We received notice from Advocate, The Notice says It is a Caveat notice filled by our oponnent in the High Court.  The Notice does not have Caveat number. Is the notice valied.

(1) What is section 247 of MRC.? 

(2) Can one file Caveat Application before final judgement.

(3) One who wins the case has the right to file caveat application or the looser can also file caveat against the order.

(4) What is the time limit for filing Caveat against any order.

(5) Can one go against Caveat, break Caveat, How?

(6) Can one file Caveat Application against Revenue Court order directly in to High Court. or there is step for filing caveat application.

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surjit singh

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Posted On 06 August 2012 at 20:16 Report Abuse

A caveat is filed under Code of Civil procedure  and the reply for your queries are as under

1) Please provide the full abbrebriation of MRC.

2) Caveat is filed against any order passed in the case or the judgement, so caveat cannot be filed before the order or the Judgemnet is passed.

3) Geneally one who apprehends that the other party of any person affected by the the order or judgement files the caveat that means in ordinary that parties who wins files the caveat.

4) There is no time limit for filing a caveat petition, it is filed when one feels or apprehends that the other party or person can approach the court in form of appeal of any other application.

5) No, One cannot go against filing of caveat.

6) Yes, one can file caveat againt  revenue court order before the high court.   


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Posted On 13 August 2012 at 10:47 Report Abuse

Sorry! it is not MRC.... Section 247 of MLRC, Maharashtra Land Record Code 1966.

Is Caveat application without number valid from loosing party.

Why the looser has filed Caveat against the winner. in Civil as well as High Court.

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