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I would like to know the laws and rules of Indian government with regards to fitting of CCTV camera inside office premises (for e.g) where all its permitted and where its not, should monitoring be clearly mentioned to employees that are being subjected to etc..


any thoughts will be of great help




There are no such laws regulating the use or installation of CCTVs inside office premises.  ONE THING TO BE REMEMBERED IS THAT SUCH CCTVs are not to be used for any unlawful purposes.


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No such laws, but as a security reasons and to keep ;eye on the office staff CCTV can be fixed.  For this no permission is required by any govt., offices.

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Eventhough,no such law reg.CCTV ,you have to paste a Notice says "This premises is under CCTV surveillance"


There is no such law. The CCTV Camera can be installed for security purpose only.


Thanks for your responses. What's surprising is that though there is no LAW but a mention about monitoring must be available???? why?


Though there is no law against CCTV surveillance BUT CCTV surveillance can invade the privacy of individuals(a fundamental right). Hence the mention about CCTV surveillance so that nobody may do any private act in area where CCTV surveillance is going on. Otherwise if that person does any private activity unknowing of the fact of being under CCTV surveillance, he may file a valid case against the company for violating privacy by CCTV surveillance.

There is no such policy as below?

There is no such law regulating the use of CCTV cameras. It can be installed for security purposes only.

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I live in apartments and there is this man who has occupied the house directly opposite mine for rent which is just  5 feet away from my front door. And today i seen him installing a cctv just above his front door and the camera points straight into my house. I voiced out my objections and he at once took out his identity card and showed that he is the person who supplies security to the government and that he needs to put d cctv because of his mother. Well i just feel its violating our privacy and things like that. What can be done to put a stop to it? And am i right in voicing my objections? i need a solution asap. pls help




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