Boyfriend tried to break marriage

A boy and a girl were in deep relationship. Due to family pressure , girls agreed to leave boyfriend and marry to someone else. she accepted everything very easily. Boy was not able to accept everything. He tried to maintain the relationship by various means. and tried to convince for marriage, but girl was not ready to marriage at any cost, they just agreed to keep affairs even after marriage. after girls engagement with someone else, boy became possessive and forced girl to break the engagement. but girl did not agree. Boy in anger contacted her fiance and revealed each and every situation. He was trying to convince her fiance to cancel the marriage and help him to convince their parent to break the barriers of cast and race. But girls fiance started to blame the girl.
​Now the situation is, girl and her family hates the boy and wants to sue him at any cost. They are threatening him, and will surely try to harras him. they will claim that, the boy has harrased the girl and forced her to do many things.

​I know, the boy did wrong. he did everything in obsession and possession of that girl. but my question is, what mistake did he do. he told the truth to her fiance. Is it an offense.?




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