Boyfriend cheated

My bf cheated me for 2 years had a s**ual affair with me now he is engaged with other girl
I have to file a case against him. I'm a minor still please help.

consult a lawyer in your city.


or consult women protection cell of your city


Consult your parents and seek their advice.


Girl, you are minor still!! Two years ago you would have been under 16. If you have the proof that he had physical relationship with you, he will go to jail on your complaint. Since there is no force here only foolishness on both sides, think before you get into legality. See if you are really fooled or it was just your feeling that if you keep him happy physically he will marry you.

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Gender-biased, barbaric laws are in your favour.

How can you prove that your boy friend had s*x with you?

Medical examination may reveal your other boy friends also.

As a minor you're presumed to be innocent.    But a minor boy is not.

Your boy friend promised that he would marry you.     Let me believe.     But is that promise a licence for giving consent to s*x?

You women play with the lives of men under the lee of gender-biased laws.


Unbelievable story.

Even if you had consented s*x no case is made out. It is you, who have cheated yourself.

You may take help from # MeToo 


#MeToo is the most barbaric recent weapon in the hands of women.




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