Blackmail and torture by live in gf


1. I was married and during pendency of my divorce case I got into relationship with another girl. She initially told me tht she is with me and will help me get out of the mess. But after some tym she started blackmailing, taking money from me and threatening me tht she will tell my previous wife abt our relationship. I kept on tolerating and now I hve got final divorce decree. I wanted to marry her from heart but her threats, fights and blackmail has made me so afraid of her. 2. Now my gf has forced me to take a house on rent and she is staying with me. She has taken 5 lacs from me and she told me tht she will leave me. I hve her recordings to prove tht. I hve told her very clearly tht our relationship is big failure and if we marry then it will fail. She fights daily, threatens me and has made me her slave. She threatens tht if u leave her she will file rape case. Wen I ask abt 5 lacs, the she gets more angry. My life is ruined. she threatens me to tell my frnds, colleagues and all. There is no way to do this socially. She is beyond all tht. I feel like committing suicide. I m. Trapped badly. She has taken so much money from me. I know abt one side Indian law. Wht can I do. She is still staying with me ans she still has tht money also. 4. Sometimes I feel u shud marry her to avoid rape case and then leave her. Sometime I feel I shud go to police but afraid of our indian laws who put rape allegation on anyone.

No Rape complaint will be registered against you as she with free consent went for physical relationships with you knowing it well about your married status. The courts in such cases have held it not a case where charge of rape will be entertained on refusal for marriage. Divorce unless complete cannot be ground for her to state her relationship was based on that basis but now you are refusing to marry her. Her taking Rs5 lakhs from you during all these years will debar her demand of monetary compensation as any civil relief for refusal to marry her. You have good case to defend and win, kick her out of your life.

"you have good case to defend and win" !!! The point is that "good case" is S.376 IPC to start with!! Dear PKD, I wish I could find out the solution for this kind of problem in which many many males are stuck as on date. Winning a S.376 case itself is like getting burnt 70% or higher and survived. The only long term solution is : slowly distance yourself.



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