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Ajani Rafique

[ Scorecard : 44]
Posted On 01 January 2012 at 15:49 Report Abuse

On 20 june 2010 Lok Adalt had sattled my Loan of ICICI Bank, after so many of visits of branch yet i have not received the loan sattlment latter/order or the court result copy. On the contorary Banks leagle letter with old balance and the visits and phones of Banks loan recovery agents are as it is. 


In this matter i have visited the branch, but no result. They suggest me to pay the sattled (finalised) amount but without any order how much its safe i dont know?

Sir pl suggest me how can i get the copy of result of LOK ADALAT and what shd i do in this case?


Rafique Ajani


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Kumar Doab

[ Scorecard : 62277]
Posted On 01 January 2012 at 16:36 Report Abuse

You may obtain certified copy of the decision of Lok Adalat and submit a written representation ( under proper acknowledgment) addressed to the opposite party e.g. BM, Chairman of the bank, quoting decision of the Lok Adalat, and mention to supply you all documents as per decision within say  7days by redg/speed post only.

Bank is also duty bound to obtain copy of the decision and supply you all documents as per decision.

After the date of decision if bank has not received the copy of decision bank is duty bound to apply and obtain the copy and supply you all documents as per decision/order of Lok Adalat.

You can also submit a written representation by email/letter and quote jist of the decision of the Lok Adalat and demand from bank the settlement letter within next 7 days by redg/speed post only, and mention that you have represented in person on dated.........(mention all dates) to Mr/Ms...........(mention all names) and despite your representation bank has not complied with the decision of the Lok Adalat, and bank has also not updated the record of the bank and the recovery/collection employees/agents of the bank are till harassing you and are demanding the following from you ................(mention details and date, time of phone calls with phone number and name of calling persons) which is contempt of court.

Bank shall never agree to your verbal statements and bank usually does not put efforts to obtain copy of the decision if bank is not pushed and shaken by the customer.

You may start recording phone calls of the bank.


[ Scorecard : 22920]
Posted On 01 January 2012 at 17:00 Report Abuse

If one of the party does not agree with the verdict of Lok Adalat, what is the consequences?

Kumar Doab

[ Scorecard : 62277]
Posted On 04 January 2012 at 23:15 Report Abuse

"If the parties have been heard and do not arrive at any compromise or settlement, the unsettled case is either returned to the Court of law or the parties are advised to seek remedy in a court of law."

It is felt that in this thread initiated by Mr. rafique, both parties were heard. It shall be appropriate to show the decision of the lok adalat to an experienced and competent lawyer.

Valuable advice of earned experts/members is sought.

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