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I am one of the owner in 8 falt apartment, G+3

Last 2 year I was handling the Monthly maintenance in accordance from all the owners till May 2017. 

Some 4 to 5  flat owners themselves without calling 2 of the lfat owners for the meeting taking desicsion to assign one of the flat owner to handle the regular maintenance.

To my surprise I have been intimated through a letter via watchman that they have chosen one owner to handle the monthly maintenance who has already created lot of distrbances , threatens against me.

In spite of me asking for a common meeting with all 8 owners, they did not do that.

They are forcing me to pay whatever charges they put in the letter.

Now they have given a letter to Inspector of police to interfer in this matter.

Police is threating me to accep saying majority are supporting that owner however they have not convened any meeting with all the owners before taking this decision

There is no association formed in this flat yet.

Question is: 

Can Police interfer in Flat internal issue .

Can they force me to accept the person who is assigned to manage the Maintenance

Is it compulsory that I should accept whatever they force me(cost , activity) since they have 5 majority.

I am facing lot of mental agony due to this.


I request some of you to help with detail solution to overcome this situation. 


Thanks in advance.







As such it is not a police case so police should not interfere. You can refute the allegations and charges as levelled in the letter. If other wants then where is the issue on your part in handing over the charge of maintenance. Sidharth

Project manager

Thanks Srivatsav..

The concern here is not the handing over the charge.

I had a multiple threats, Physical verbal abuse and continued torture to my family for almost 4 years by the person they are trying to assigning.

Further, that person is completley ignoring me and other flat owner, They have not called us  for any meeting  to dicuss on chsing the person, They don't even inform about what are they planning to do, they simply sending the sheet asking for money other(not discussed with us) than the essential regular maintenance .

They are trying to force me through police to sign and accept.

My basic rights as owner to question is also not allowed here. I am passing though metal torture everyday.








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