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I have availed a personal loan from ICICI bank on 2005 and settled the loan before Lok Adalat at Hon. High Cour of Chennai on 2009. Now (after 3 years)  ICICI bank sent me a demand notice claimin that my loan is in due of Rs 34299/= and they with hold the same amount from my different SB Account . Bank is asking me to visit the Chennai branch with all documents and I amt at staying Cochin now.  Should a customer has to take pain for the negligance of the bank employees who failed to update the settlement information? Is this not a violation of Court order ?

Please advice me on what should I do in this situation.


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If an amount of settlement and date of payment was stated in decision and you have complied with decision of the Lok Adalat then apparently you have fulfilled your obligation. However the decision of Lok Adalat, acknowledgment of payment issued by bank, and all communications exchanged by you with bank should be carefully studied.

Did the bank issue NOC after you made the payment.

If there is communication from your end accepting any shortfall in the payment from your end and 3 years have passed then it could be declared time barred.

You may immediately withdraw funds from all SB a/c’s and close all SB a/c with the bank. You may also obtain latest CIBIL report and check if bank has updated your record with CIBIL after the payment or not?


It shall be appropriate to show decision of the Lok Adalat, NOC and all communications exchanged by you with bank to a competent and experienced lawyer specializing in such matters and reply to the notice as per expert advice.


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Bring to the notice of the senior officials of the bank the compromise that had taken place at the High Court and which had the stamp of approval of the High Court. There is no reason why the bank would not acknowledge its blunder and abide by the settlement after the order of the HC is brought to its notice. If the harassment still does not abate, file a police complaint against the bank officials.

Ashish Davessar


Supreme Court of India

Punjab and Haryana High Court

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Cause to issue a lawyer notice to the bank furnishing the particulars of settlement through lok adalath and requesting to release the with-held money in SB a/c and also demanding cost of the legal nitice and also compensation for inconvenience and mental agony.

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Rightly advised by Shri Kumar Doab.



Why after 3 years.

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You seem to have the objection, even on appreciation of some member's reply?


Well Its seems to be a serious issue.clearly its court order violation. You need to hire a Advocate and discuss it with him.You don't need to go there.Your Advocate will send them Notice and they will self contact and update their chennai branch.

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