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My wife left me with in a week of marriage and involved Member of women's commission for separate family, when they called us for mediation we ignored her because it was private mediation. Then they called us through police, so we had to go. in that mediation, sorry it was blackmail infront of police (DSP level officer presented), they clearly said, i have to put seperate family with my wife and i have to deposit 10 lacs as security deposit in her name, my parents should not involve any matters otherwise they will file cases of dowry, harassment and attempt to murder. They have given me 10 days time to think about it. what can i do? it was clear blackmail infront of police. if i did crime they have to file FIR irrespective of whether i live with my wife or not.  how to stop this? how to file cases on that police officer and member of women commission for using their powers to black mail me? Need suggestions .


Fight case on merits



Do not get afraid. What is the guarantee that even if you accept the illogical demands of your wife, your wife should not again blackmail you? It is upto you to take a decision. analyse all aspect before arriving at any conclusion. Donot succumb to the pressure be it of police or wife. You have 10 days in hand so apply for anticipatory bail and protect yourself and other family members. Take a firm decision and convey the same according to your wife. Courts are liberal these days. Go strategically. Consult with details.



Police and women commission members are all corrupt and looking for extortion of money from the husband side under the cover of wife side, what actually wife gets is divorced and nowhere to go after that as nowadays hardly any sensible person ready to marry a divorced woman and not at all after knowing her history of extortion of huge sum of money from previous husband. Ultimately such women reach nearest mental asylum one day.

If you are asked to pay Rs10 Lakhs as security amount tell them you are ready for that only if the wife agrees to divorce by mutual consent immediately, kick her out of your life rather keeping her with you as your own security risk.

Although the divorce within one year of marriage as a rule may not be easy to get but in exceptional circumstance the court do allow it.

You cannot afford to live with this woman who has gone to all these places against you so best course is to get rid of her sooner, the better.

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As rightly advised hereinabove, do not succumb to this pressure but rather use the same to build your case for your future safety.  Call up your wife and get her to repeat all the threats given by her in the front of the Police and record the same. You have one year before you can file for Divorce so use the time wisely to build all the proof that you can. Do not waste your time on trying to implicate the Police officer or the Women's cell. 


Give 2-3 lakhs and settle the matter inside court. Go for mutual divorce.  Take cash with you and sit for mandwali.  Dont give 10 lakhs or so.  It is waste to give 10 lakhs. Never give any penny outside court.

Even if they file dowry case etc, nothing to worry. stick to your offer.  Dont go above 3 lakhs. Make offer directly to judge.  Judge will intervene and tell you agreeable price for divorce settlement.

It is waste of time to nail the poilce etc.




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